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Journey to your Bachelor's Degree

No description

Haylee Crowley

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Journey to your Bachelor's Degree

Journey to your Bachelor's Degree
Sacramento State University
How do I graduate?
Follow this advice and you will conquer Bachelor's Degree Mountain!
General Education:
What is it and why do I need it?
120 units of course work total
48 units of General Education
39-106 Major units depending on your major
Elective units
About 17 courses to complete GE
Any number of units can overlap with major/minor
Graduation Requirements
Sac State Catalog
Area E: Understanding Personal Development (3 units)
E: Understanding Personal Development (GNST 21, MGMT 21, etc.)
Area D: The Individual and Society (12 units)
U.S. History - (HIST 17A, HIST 17B, HIST 161, etc.)
U.S. Constitution/CA Government - (GOVT 1, GOVT 113, GOVT 150)
ANY D Course - (ECON 1A, PSYC 2, SOC 1, etc.)
ANY D Course (not a HIST or GOVT) - (ECON 1B, CRJ 1, FACS 50, etc.)
Course Load
# of Units = # of hours in class per week (approx)
General Rule: 2-3 hours studying out of class for every unit taken

# 1 reason students are in academic difficulty is working too much!
Academic Standing
You have 3 GPAs:
Term: Your GPA for a single semester
Sac State: Your overall GPA for all classes you've taken at Sac State
Cumulative: Your GPA for all college classes you've ever taken

Sac State & Cumulative GPAs are used to determine Academic Standing

Academic Standing
Dean’s List (3.0 or above with 12 units of graded credit as First Year)
Good Standing (2.0 or above)
Academic Probation (1.999 or lower)- restricted to 14 units

Class standing
Class standing is based on units, not years
Area B: Physical Universe and Its Life Forms (12 units)
Area C: Arts and Humanities
(12 units)
Area C1: Arts (ART 1A, INTD 20, MUSC 8, THEA 9, etc.)

Area C2: Humanities (ANTH 13, ENGL 50A, PHIL 2, etc.)

Two Additional courses to total 12 units (Any C)
Help, I have a GE question!
Academic Advising Center
Lassen Hall 1013
Spring Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:45pm
www.csus.edu/acad (online advising!)

As a First Year Student:
Mandatory advising (once a semester)
Your Peer Mentor will serve as your academic advisor this semester

Once you declare a major you will also see a department/major advisor for all major requirements


Please use your laptop/cell phone to complete this survey
Graduation Requirements
English Sequence
College Composition II (ENGL 20, 20M)
Take after 30 units completed
Writing Placement for Juniors (WPJ)
Take after 60 units completed
Writing Intensive (*) – take after passing WPJ
Foreign Language Requirement

Race & Ethnicity in American Society (+)
120 units to graduate
2.0 GPA Sac State and Cumulative
GE courses introduce students to areas of interest and may influence major and/or career choice.
GE improves writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills.
GE courses provide knowledge and breadth which are also valued by employers.
The GE program helps students better understand and relate to diverse individuals and groups.
General Education
Golden Four
9 units of GE must be upper division
Area A: Foundation Courses
(9 units)
A1: Oral Communication (COMS 4 or 5)

A2: Written Communication (ENGL 5, ENGL 5M, ENGL 11 or ENGL 11M)

A3: Critical Thinking (COMS 2, EDTE 10, JOUR 50, SOC 8, etc.)
B1: Physical Science (ASTR 4A, GEOL 7, GEOL 8, GEOG 1, etc.)
B2: Life Forms (ANTH 1, BIO 10, BIO 20, ENVS 10, etc.)
B3: Lab (A course designated by the symbol (°) is required)
B4: Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 1, STAT 1, etc.)
B5: Additional course to total 12 units (Any B)
Can be used as a tool in exploring major/minor & GE options
Explains academic policies
Outlines all requirements for your degree
Provides major requirements and course descriptions
Major department contact information and location
Lists career possibilities

15 units = 15 hours class
+ 30 hours study
45 hours/week
First Year



0-29 units

30-59 units

60-89 units

90+ units
working less than 15 hours per week >> OK to take 5 classes
working up to 24 hours per week >> Limit to 4 classes
working up to 30 hours per week >> Limit to 3 classes
working up to 40 hours per week >> Limit to 2 classes
Incorporate GE and major classes throughout
First Year Seminar!

(majors exempt: Engineering, Business, Health Science, Kinesiology (not PT option), Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Nursing, Physics, RPTA)
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