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Field Work Flip Book

No description

Chloe Patterson

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Field Work Flip Book

Field Work Flip Book
By: Chloe Patterson #24 3rd hour
San Andreas Fault
The boundary type is a transform boundary
The two plates found at the boundary are a continental and an oceanic plate
This type of plate creates earthquakes
Earthquakes produce seismic waves
The waves are recorded by using a Richter Scale
Mt. Fuji, Japan
The type of boundary is a convergent boundary
The two plates are an oceanic and a continental plate
This type of boundary creates volcanoes
Japan volcanoes are formed by the process of subduction. Subduction is when two tectonic plates collide and the oceanic plate (or the more dense oceanic plate ) sinks under the continental plate (or the less dense oceanic plate).
The land form's viscosity is a high viscosity
This land form has a high silica content
The specific name for this land form is a Strato Volcano
This land form is very steep because the lava cools quickly, so the magma dries as soon as it erupts so, the volcano builds upward
The magma comes from the upper mantle also known as the asthenosphere. The magma isn't as warm as the magma closer to the core.
Hawaiian Volcanoes
Hawaiian islands are formed over hot spots. Hot spots are whee there's a weak spot in the crust allowing magma from the mantle
This land form has a low viscosity
This land form has a low silica content
The specific name for this land form is a shield volcano
The land form is flat because the lava has a ow viscosity so, it only hardens when it reaches the bottom of the volcano making it wider
It is a convergent boundary
Both converging plates are continental plates
Converging boundaries create mountains
The land form is growing because the two plates are still converging closer so, the mountain is growing
The volcano has fossils of ocean creatures at the top because the Himalayas are building uo from the ocean.
It is a divergent boundary
The plates that make up them are an oceanic and a continental plate
The specific name for the land form is a mid-ocean ridge
This type of boundary creates new seafloor
Some areas of rocks have normal polarities and some don't because the earth has switched north and south which helps Wegner's theory that the plates were once moving
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