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Raymond's Run

No description

Lauren Solla

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Raymond's Run

Raymond's Run
The story Raymond's Run had two themes that are significant to other aspects of life. These themes are life lessons that everyone can learn from. They are lessons that will prepare us for life. The two themes are everyone is equal and that hard work leads to success.
Significant Scenes
One of the most important scenes was the part in which Squeaky and Gretchen had a standoff. This scene set the tone for the race. The race was now a incredibly competitive competition. Winning was a matter of pride and accomplishment. This confrontation I believe is what pushed Squeaky to work and train harder than she had before. This is what allowed Squeaky to win the race. So in a way this scene allowed Squeaky to win.
Another important scene was the event after the
race. Gretchen and Squeaky had a new respect for one another. This gave the story a happy lighter ending. It changed the mood from competition to friendly rivalry.
Squeaky's Character
Squeaky is a complex character. At the beginning of the story, she was little arrogant. She believed that she was the fastest thing on two feet. She had a big ego when it came to her running. However, her ego was threatened by Gretchen, another girl who also was obsessed wit running. Squeaky also speaks her mind. This is evident when she and Gretchen have a confrontation. Squeak is also very hard working. She trained everyday to be the great runner she is. Her motivation for her determination is the fact that she needs to maintain her neighborhood's pride. She can't let her neighborhood down. This is a heavy burden to carry. But she manages to succeed. After the race has ended, her personality changed. She was humbled by the fact that she won. This was because she knew how passionate and talented Gretchen was. She was flattered to race against her because she was a qualified competitor.
The Introduction
The Introduction introduces the main characters, Squeaky and Raymond. The relationship of the two characters is revealed. They are brother and sister. The Introduction usually gives a small description of the main characters. Squeaky is a ten year old African American girl. Raymond is her sixteen year old brother. However, we learn that Raymond is abnormal. He is mentally retarded. Squeaky is portrayed as more of a guardian or older sister even though she is younger. We also learn that the story takes place in Harlem, NY.
Toni Bambara
Toni Cade Bambara is the author of Raymond's Run. She was an African American writer who wrote about things that she saw in her neighborhood and in her life. She the same race as Squeaky and also grew up in New York City. She wrote about African Americans who were examples of pride and had a strong sense of community. Despite Squeaky being a fictional character, she and Toni have some similarities. One is the fact that they are both passionate about what they do. Another is the fact that they both struggle to be where they are. Third, Toni and Squeaky both grew up in homes with African American pride. Lastly, both took their challenges and faced them head on.
By: Lauren Solla
Plot Elements
Plot is the sequence of the events in the story. The Plot of a story has five main components, the intro, the rising action, climax, falling action, and the conclusion.
Rising Action

The Rising Action is the component of the story in which the intensity rises and the conflict is more evident. The rising action is the scene in which Gretchen, the antagonist who is also about running has a standoff with Squeaky. Gretchen and her followers, Mary Louise and Rosie were disrespecting Raymond. At this moment Squeaky's character is revealed. She is shown as strong girl who sticks up for those she cares about. She stood up for her defenseless brother, Raymond.
The Climax of a story is the most intriguing and extreme part of the story. The Climax is thick with conflict. The Climax is often the most important part of the story. Raymond's Run is completely built around the climax. The Climax of Raymond's Run is the annual race event at the park. This is the moment in which all of the hard work does Squeaky shows. She heads to the park, her mind full of thoughts. She asks herself, " Will I win and have i trained enough?" Her heart is and pulse is racing with adrenaline. The thought of not winning was not even an option for Squeak. This is her dream and she would not let Gretchen take it away from her. Squeaky takes in big breathes and pins her paper with her number onto herself. All the runners gather on the track. They get into position. Then there is a deafening bang and they are off. Squeaky was off, just a blur to the onlookers. Squeak saw no one to her left.
But to her right, their was a blur not far behind her. The blur was Gretchen.
Falling Action
The Falling Action is is the event after the Climax. The story is winding down. This is the part of the story in which the conflict and suspense decline. This part of the story is not as intense. The Falling Action of Raymond's Run is the announcement of the race's winner. The winner was Squeaky! She beat Gretchen. Raymond was cheering her name from the onlookers crowd. Squeaky was over the moon with excitement.
The Conclusion is the resolution of the story. This is the end of the story. The part in which loose ends in the story are closed. The Conclusion of Raymond's Run is the scene between Gretchen and Squeaky. Even though Gretchen lost and placed second, she nods in congratulations to Squeaky. She also smiled in a friendly way. Squeaky too had a new found respect for Gretchen. She thought that Gretchen had talent and would be tough to compete with. Squeaky smiled at Gretchen out of respect.
Everyone is Equal
One of the themes of the story is everyone is equal. In the story, the antagonists teased Raymond because of his defect. They treated him as less than equal. This is wrong. Every person is entitled to the same respect and treatment. This is a lesson that can be applied to daily life. In society everyone is entitled to equal treatment whether they are of a different race, gender, social class, appearance, or mental state. This is a right all people have. At the end of the story, Gretchen and her followers understood this and gave Raymond the equality he deserves.
Hard Work leads to Success
The second theme of Raymond's Run is hard work leads to success. In the story, Squeaky trained for hours everyday to be the best runner she could be. This is yet another life lesson that the story teaches. Hard work always leads to rewards. If you are hard working and work for what you want you will get it. This theme is very realistic to what reality is like.
The Author's Relation to the Story
Role of Theme
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