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Unit 4 - World War Two

Conscription Crisis - 1944

Aaron Miller

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Unit 4 - World War Two

Conscription Crisis - 1944 Unit 4 - World War II Aaron Miller What is Conscription? Conscription is the general term used for involuntary enrollment in the service of a country.

It is most often used in the specific sense of requiring citizens to serve in the armed forces of a country.

May consist of a variety of specific details regarding those who must serve in the military. Base Info Prior to the Conscription Crisis of 1944, a far worse conscription crisis occured in 1917.

Prime Minister Mackenzie King did not want this history to repeat itself, however he was unable to prevent this from occuring in 1944. Conscription Today Many nations do not currently operate with conscription forces, however they rely on volunteers and proffesionals to make up their military. Despite this, many nations reserve the possibility of conscription for wars or times of crisis. How it Started 1940 election occurs, where William Lyon Mackenzie King is victorious

King promises not to impose conscription, which contributes largely to his victory

NRMA National Resources Mobilization Act, adopted in 1940

A government statute

Enabled conscription in Canada during the Second World War

Conscripts were only to be used for home defence, not to be deployed overseas Plebliscite - 1942 King wanted to avoid a repeat of the Conscription Crisis of 1917

Military pressed King to send conscripts to Europe in 1942

King holds a national plebiscite in 1942, asks the nation to relieve him of the promise he made during the election campaign

70% of French Canadians voted against consciption, while a winning majority of 80% of English Canadians voted for conscription " not necessarily conscription, but conscription if necessary" Conscription - 1944 Following the plebscite of 1942, conscription was imposed.

This caused tension between the French and English of Canada.

Many French Canadians were angry with King. My Thoughts King should not have made his promise

I am opposed to consciption

I understand the need for a large military

I understand the frustration of both the English and French THANK YOU!
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