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Adult Illiteracy In The U.S

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rosie ferrante

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of Adult Illiteracy In The U.S

What is Adult Illiteracy?

Adult illiteracy is a condition in which adults are unable to read or write. Therefore, their speech and characteristics are at a low level in comparison to their age.
How many adults struggle in the U.S struggle with this problem?
What difficulties do adults face because of their illiteracy?
One problem that adults face is their health because they take rapid amounts of medicine for focus and to help their reading disabilities. Another problem is a great deal of shame because therapists or doctors that try to help them get frustrated and angry when they cannot complete a form or follow a simple instruction.
Fun Facts!☺️
A greater number of men than woman struggle with illiteracy.
Only 20% of adults in the U.S preform at the highest proficiency level on the literacy scale....... which is about the number of followers Jennifer Lopez has on twitter.

Adult Illiteracy In The U.S
14% of adults in the U.S read at or below a fifth grade level. 29% of adults read at an eighth grade level. Among these adults in the U.S, 43% of them live in poverty.
Source: Google Images
Source: Dictionary.com
Source: Triggered.clocks.org
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