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Collaborative SharePoint

Your Business' Future Competitve Advantage

Nick Inglis

on 3 November 2011

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Transcript of Collaborative SharePoint

SharePoint SharePoint
SocialPoint What Are Features of Enterprise 2.0? Why Would
We Use
SharePoint? Your Business' Future
Competitve Advantage Competitive
Edge of SharePoint Social business models
SharePoint is mostly flat
The reasons for SharePoint in this role
A social maturity model
Where SharePoint fits in that model
The social functionality of SharePoint
The bright future of SharePoint
Questions? Links Signals Authorship Tags Search Extensions SLATES Links Emergence Authorship Tagging Freeform Network
Oriented FLATNESSES Extensions Search Social Signals Dion Hinchcliffe Andrew McAfee Developers Love
SharePoint Office 2010 Integration Meets Business Requirements Collaboration Connection Identification Integration My Social Maturity Model The Social Side of SharePoint SharePoint 2010
Gets Social Personal
Features My
Sites Social
Features Tags Notes Ratings Memberships Colleagues My Links Personal
My Home Page Private
My Home Page Public
My Profile What's Next For
SharePoint? SharePoint Cloud
& SharePoint Local
Diverge As Products Windows Mobile & SharePoint Full Integration.
Gap In Enterprise Mobility Complete FLATNESSES
Functionality Emergence:
Content & People
Find ME Automatically Development Model
Not Focused On Releases.
Agile + Microsoft = SPcloud SharePoint Gets
Intelligent Ears Nick Inglis
SharePoint Program Manager
AIIM International
Twitter: @nickinglis
www.nickinglis.com Collaboration Connection Identification Integration Where Is SharePoint? My Sites Wikis Workflow Recent
Activity Collaborative
Authoring Real
Sharing Wikis UX Collaboration Connection Identification Integration Where Is SharePoint? Collaboration Connection Identification Integration My Social Maturity Model Who in my organization knows.... Where is the document about... Here is what I know... Here is the document about... Let's work on this together... Let's make an informed decision together... This brings together my in person and digital work My work finds me, not the other way around... Skype Replaces the PBX Business Intelligence
Functionality Expands Bu-bye Silverlight
(Sorry Developers) SPmobile SharePoint Replaces
Your Local Hard Drive ... small Platform Independent Systems of Record Systems of Engagement The Shift
In The Enterprise Only 21% of organizations make no official use of social business applications. Of that 21%, only 6% of organizations specifically discouraged use of social business applications Once in use, the top 3 cited benefits are:
greater knowledge sharing
faster responses to queries and questions
fewer multi-copy emails 51% consider social business to be “significant” to their overall business goals and success. This rises to 62% in the largest organizations, including 18% who consider it to be “imperative”. 38% of those organizations using some form of Enterprise Q&A or expertise sourcing get half or more of their answers from unexpected sources within the business
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