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No description

Julio Fuentes

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Introduction

Beloved Oral Presentation by Julio Fuentes
3rd Person POV
Thesis Statement
Motif's and Literary Elements
Motif of Discovery
Mental and Emotional freedoms experienced by escaped slaves
Sethe is talking about her success at bringing all of her children to 124 and away from slavery.
Sethe is very surprised at her success, as it is something she completed all by herself. She is experiencing an emotion she has never felt.
Paul D also reflects upon his time in Alfred,GA and how he was forced to "love small"
Toni Morrison utilizes Sethe's new found feeling of personal success and Paul D's mental epiphany, to illustrate allegory's of motherhood and emotional freedom.
As the novel progresses the Sethe and Paul D discover more about themselves as they analyzes thier past memories and how they have affected them psychologically.
Allegory of Motherhood is displayed by Sethe's overwhelming joy at succeeding in taking her kids from slavery. The want to be a good mother drives Sethe to be present in her children's lives unlike her own mother.
Sethe and Paul D reflect on their new emotions of sucess and mental freedom
Author's Diction
Morrison describes vividly the "little things" that Paul D had to love as he couldn't have a simple relationship with anyone.
Sethe can now love her children completely and call them her own blood and flesh. (Pg 190 Bottom)
Sethe is slowly deciding to delve into her past, and confront the bad memories she has.
The allegory of motherhood is a theme that is seen throughout the novel as Sethe children matter so much. This can be seen specifically in the close mother-daughter relationship with Denver.
Paul D no sees the complete value in his physical freedom to choose who and what to love.
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