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Why A Castle?

A middle ages "talk" answering the question: Why a castle?

Trevor Burton

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Why A Castle?

Why were castles built? Why a Castle? Castles were built as defence.
They were also built as signs of pride and as landmarks.
The First Castle Motte And Bailey Castle Made by William the Conqueror to take England Methods of Attack Trebuchet
A large catapult used to siege castles Ballista
A very large crossbow-type weapon for killing soldiers Battering Rams
A very big log with metal at the end that was used to knock down doors; sometimes protected by a little roof How did castles change? Castles changed from the early Motte and Bailey Castle and then adjusted to technology as stone castles like Heidelberg And finally, to resist attacks from the advance of gunpowder, concentric castles which were composed of a series of platforms on which they put cannons on and in the center the castle Parts of a Castle Dungeons
Contrary to what most think, the dungeon was in the highest room in the tower were the guards could guard it easily. Garderobes
Garderobes were toilets of the time. Built into the "curtain" of the castle these were just basically long tubes. Kitchen
Placed outside of the great hall for fire safety. They cooked everything with their spits. Chapels
Chapels were built off of the great hall. Only the lord would attend the castle Chapel. Sleeping Chambers
The rooms of the time.
The man of the castle would sleep in the biggest chamber. He would also be in a high room. Neuschwanstein
The German Castle Neuschwanstein was built by King Ludwig II (later named "Mad King Ludwig"). In fact the Disney Castle was modeled after Neuschwantstein. Started in 1869, and left unfinished at the kings death in 1886 Advantages
To Living In
A Castle 1. You are provided with protection.
2. You are ranked as a man of authority. Disadvantages To Living In A Castle 1. Very cold in the winter.
2. Very uncomfortable. Why did the Castle become obsolete? Castles eventually became obsolete for 2 main reasons. 1. The evolution of technology led to gunpowder which blasted castles to rubble. 2. Towns were coming up and servants were leaving and the towns were comfortable.
Never finished before the kings death
Understand the treasure
Slabs of limestone covered it
Castle thats fantastic
Hohenschwangau ashes was this built from
Well thought out design
An amazing castle
Next best thing
Towers and spires everywhere
Equipped with a ton of awesomse weapons
In neo-gothic style
Not to be beat
Acrostic Poem
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