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Authors Purpose

No description

Dina Perez

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of Authors Purpose

P - Persuade
I - Inform
E - Entertain
INFORM - Authors may give you information or facts about a subject
ENTERTAIN - Authors may write a story to make you laugh, cry or amuse.
What is author's purpose?
PERSUADE - Authors may try to get you to do, feel, or buy something
Examples to Inform:
-Fiction (true)
Examples to Entertain:

-Fiction (not true)
-Fairy Tales
-Teen magazines
Examples to Persuade:
-Letters to the editor
Exercise Time
Let's Test Your Skills
Abraham Lincoln's birthday is on Feb. 12th.
He was a great President of the United States.
He was our 16th President. He is remembered
for freeing the slaves.

The author's purpose is________________.
Rosie had the best time making her valentines cards for her classmates. She used red and white paper, heart stickers, markers and anything she could find. She and her friends had the best time at the party.

The author's purpose is__________________.
Video # 4
Video # 5
Video # 6
Activity Time
In your pairs, you and your group will receive a selection of magazine articles. Find 3 articles. 1 to persuade, 1 to inform and 1 to entertain. Find the main idea for each article.

1. History Book ____
2. Encyclopedia ____
3. Iphone 5 ad ____
4. Humorous Short Story ____
5. Nursery Rhyme ____
6. News Article ____
7. Cinderella Book ____
8. Autobiography ____
9. Superman Comic ____
10. Poem ____
The easy Chopper will chop your vegetables for you in about 30 seconds. It is easy to use with your vegetable of your choice. The cost is $29.95. Order your today!
The easy Chopper 3 will chop your vegetables for you in about 30 seconds. It is easy to use and you can use any vegetable. The cost is $29.95. Order yours today!

The author's purpose is________________.
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