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Pennsylvania Colony Project

No description

Hannah Tipton

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Pennsylvania Colony Project

Pennsylvania By: Hannah Tipton and Jasmin Hammond-McCallum Climate Founder- William Penn founded Pennsylvania. Recources- usahistory.info/colonies/pennsylvania.html
socialstudiesforkids.com Geography Trades Native Americans Government Pennsylvania has cold winters and hot humid
summers. Natural Resources Some of the natural resources that Pennsylvania
has are wheat, corn, rye, barley, oats, hemp, flax,
hemlock, whitetail deer, and brook trout. There are 116 state parks in Pennsylvania.
The Appalachian Mountains cut diagonally
across Pennsylvania. The youghiogheny
river and oil creek are smaller rivers which
have played an important role in the
development of Pennsylvania. Some trades that people used are corn, wheat,
livestock, furs and lumber. Some tribes of the Native Americans in
Pennsylvania are Susque Hannock, Iroquois,
Erie, and Shawnee. The Native Americans acted in
two different ways when the settlers came. Some
were friendly and some were hostile. The Native
Americans did lots of trading and lived in small
villages. Pennsylvania had a represenative
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