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Gene Therapy

No description

Katie Kantor

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Gene Therapy

What is Gene Therapy?
" An experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease." ( Cited from
" ghr.nlm.nih.gov/handbook/therapy/genetherapy )
Researchers do this by: adding new genes, replacing mutated genes with a healthy copy, or they add a completely new copy. Doctors do this by inserting a gene into the cells of the patient, rather than medicine or surgery.
Where and why it has been used?
1. A 4 year old girl, with a severe immune- deficiency disease, wasn't producing a vital enzyme in her body. After the procedure, the cells began to reproduce the enzyme.

2. An 8 year old girl named Emily Whitehead had cancer. After gene therapy, she showed no signs of cancer.

3. This happens in a lab or hospital.
Gene Scene
Politics/Ethics/Economics: Part A
A. Is there a difference between the way the United States views this science as compared to other countries? "The U.S. Government doesn't allow federal funds to be used for research on germline gene therapy in people due to ethical concerns." ( Cited from: nih.gov )

Politics/Ethics/Economics: Part B
B. What ethical issues does this technology present? That it may not be a good idea to use gene therapy in the future. It is all a matter of opinion, though. That is one reason why this treatment isn't offered yet.
By: Sanaa J. and Katie K.
What is the process?
Pros and Cons
Some pros are: It is a new form of treatment that fights off many different diseases and gene therapy can prevent the disease from passing down to future generations. Some cons are: That if there an error in the process came up then, it could result in the cell ( and possibly the human ) to develop a disorder and that scientists are still in the learning stage for this therapy. Also your immune system will try to fight it off and it can sometimes cause organ failure.
* www.nih.gov
* www.mayoclinic.org
* www.ndsu.edu
* www.usatoday.com
* www.gtherapy.co.uk
* www.buzzle.com
* www.brighthub.com
* www.nlcatp.org
* www.biotecharticles.com
* www.avexisinc.com
Politics/Ethics/Economics: Part C
How is money involved with this project? It costs a lot of money for just one dose of the therapy. It costs about

1.6 million dollars
for just

Gene Therapy diagram
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