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The Art of An Interview

No description

chante foster

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of The Art of An Interview

Th Art of Interviews
Quoting Sources
Quotes are one of the most important elements of the story. Besides the lead, a quote gives your story definition.

- Before conducting an interview do some research on your source.

*A source is another word for the interviewee or the person you will be interviewing.

(If you're interviewing a business or person, make sure you get some background information.)
- After researching info. on your source. Start forming your interview questions.

Always ask (who, what, where, when, why and how)

Depending on the focus of the story your questions will change for each source.

Making connections
-Interviewing is a great way to network.
-Your sources trust you to make their name look nice. ( stay away from slander and liable information)
In less your an investigative reporter your job as a journalist is to deliver facts NEVER opinions!
Forming the story
After the interview, review all of the material

-I like to transcribe the interview, so I can have good quotes for the story

Quotes: are simply, words form the sources mouth. Ex: " I've been working at ___ for three years and it's a great job," Ben said.
Interview tips
Before starting the interview get the spelling of your sources first and last name

- Take a recording device to record the interview. Once you start writing the story you can play back the recording for interviews.

-Be attentive, and engaged!

-Ask follow-up questions (you don't want to just read questions off a paper, if the source says something interesting get more information.

-Make the conversation natural. Use your notes as a guide.

-Practice makes perfect, go into the interview with a clear focus: A focus is the subject of your story. It's what you've pitched to the editor
- If any information is unclear don't hesitate to reach out to the source for clarification
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