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FCCLA @ the Table

No description

Makayla Hendricks

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of FCCLA @ the Table

Pledge Your Meals at
Prepare your Meal
Take a picture of your meal and post it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and use #FCCLAatthetable and tag @FCCLAatthetable and @NationalFCCLA

Stronger Families
One meal at a time

70,000 Meals Pledged by NLC
Families that eat together, stay together.
Pledge to help plan and prepare meals and eat it as a family.
Ideas for your chapter:
Ideas for your chapter:
Share your photos, recipes, fundraisers, and ideas with us and your #FCCLAFamily
National FCCLA
Post to Instagram/Twitter and tag @FCCLAatthetable @NationalFCCLA using #FCCLAAtTheTable
Chapter Lunch/Dinner
Conversation Starters - cards, make a game
Bake Sale
Food Drive
Charity Bash
Pinterest for recipes
Chapter Goal
Community Dine out
Community Family Picnic
Chili Cook off w/Faculty
Brown Bag Fundraiser
Freezer Meals for faculty

Guessing Jars @ Lunch
Sell Smoothies @ Lunch
Duct Tape your Principal to a wall
Family Game Night
Tailgate @ Homecoming
Community/School food fight
"Heart attack" classrooms
Make a meal for a family in need
School Cookbook

Car Smash
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