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Lauren Kunselman

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Castles

By: Sydney, Mitch, and Lauren What is a castle? How a castle served as a community First Castles and Life in a Castle It was basically saying that the lords controlled
manors and were the power of Europe. A fortified private residence of a lord.
The lord could be a king or a lesser baron, but the castle was a home and stronghold.

It was designed to be safe against cavalry charge of knights. It was supposed to be so safe that it could withstand a lengthy assault or siege by an enemy. They held many staff such as:
Chamberlain The inner and outer walls were built first by laying rock and mortar.

The people needed to built them were the quarryman, carpenters, black smith, diggers, and the mortar maker and carrier.

The average castle took 7-12 years to build, and 20 if it was really big.

Some castle builders built towns around them to start another community. Feudalism Medieval Castles How they were built Land was controlled by nobles and lords Authority was based on the amount of land they owned. A political and economic system of Europe from the 9th to the 15th century Rooms were small, not much light, the only heat came from fireplaces. There wasn't much furniture. Towards end of feudal period, windows were widened and panes of painted glass were added. William the Conqueror built the first castle in Normandy, France in 1066. It was called Windsor Castle. The decline of feudalism was caused by black death, peasants revolting, the nobles became weaker and a centralized government was established. Secrets of the Castle The stairways Secret passages and rooms Motes Drawbridges Locations and Famous Castles
Ireland- Kilkenny Castle and Blarney Castle

Scotland- Edinburgh Castle

Romania- Dracula's Castle but its real name was the Bran Castle

Germany- Neuschwanstein is the most famous castle. The Disney castle is modeled after it. The earliest ones appeared in the 9th and 10th centuries. The End Built on islands for protection
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