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It Takes MORE Than a Resume

ACTE Spring Conference 2011

Kimberly Go

on 27 September 2011

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Transcript of It Takes MORE Than a Resume

It Takes MORE Than a Resume Students Instructors Placement Services Employers The Process Begins on the FIRST DAY of Class Employability Training Individual Coaching TEAM Key Words Power Statement Transferable Skills Technical Skills Training Million $ Resume Master Interviewer CareerLink WHAT do we offer our students? What are YOU doing? Thank you! Kim Go Career Portfolios We want all of our students to have a We want all of our students to become a The Process of getting a job,
and undertaking a new career
can be overwhelming.... Especially when one realizes.... A majority of our students have that they don't recognize and, certainly don't know how to market I enocurage students to consider using a in place of a generic Objective Statement Communication Skills
Analytical Ability
Willingness to Learn
Detail-Oriented Pat Kendall,
president of the
National Resume Writers' Association,
notes that
more than 80 percent of resumes
are searched for job-specific keywords. http://www.quintcareers.com/Quintessential_Careers_Press/Words_Hired_By/Chapter2/page25.html Our new Portfolios ensure that our students have everything they need for the interview at their fingertips.....pen, paper, and even calling cards! Our students and alumni can
build resumes
create an e-portfolio
explore additional resources
connect with employers
search postings
and, apply for jobs one-on-one resume critique
mock interviewing
discuss special issues There is an art to teaching students
how to put a positive "spin" to their resume,
and later, their interview Social Networking Good or Bad? What will they find??? OTHER CONSIDERATIONS.... e-mail address voicemail message ring back music Is it a
Generational Issue? BABY BOOMERS Gen X Millenials Who is sitting in your classroom? communication

almost 50% of the respondents to About.com's Human Resources Guide, Susan Heathfield's Employer Survey say they check candidates at Google or another search engine http://jobsearch.about.com/od/jobsearchblogs/a/privacy.htm STAR Method
Behavioral Interviewing Situation or Task
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