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History of the Greek Number System

No description

Cody Armstrong

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of History of the Greek Number System

The History of the Greek Number System
The Greeks originally started used a number system called the Attic system. This number system was not so complicated
The First version 1.1
The Actual Numbers System
After a while of using the Attic System they figured "Hey can we make an easier system." So they did! But they didn't finish with out problems

How they invented the Greek Number System
Here is a picture of the Attic number system.
Attic System
The inventor of this system is unknown but we do know that it was popularly used by the Greeks (before the Greek Number System we know now) and suprisingly the Romans used it too for some time.
When making the system they thought "Hey, Stevius, we should use the Alphabet to represent the numbers." And so they did! But here is the problem, they need 27 letters and they only had 24. So they invented the 3 they needed.

The Problems
So, this is the end of this prezi. I hope it informed you enough and put questions in your mind for research
Also known as the herodianic number system because they were described first in the Herodian
To get the number 4 you would write it IIII NOT I before 5
Fun facts about the Attic System
The Invented Numbers
Vau, Koppa, Sampi
Sorry, couldn'tfind picture of Vau
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