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Titus Andronicus Act I Scene I

No description

Navraj Singh

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Titus Andronicus Act I Scene I

The scene opens by Saturninus and Bassianus (Two sons of recent emperor of Rome whom has passed away) arguing about who should become the next emperor. Saturninus claims he is the oldest son so it is only right and Bassianus claims that because of his virtue and honor he should be chosen.
Opening Scene
Tamora and her sons furiously declare revenge on the Andronicus family.
Titus’ sons comes back with their bloody swords and announce the death of Alarbus. Lavinia (Titus’ daughter) welcomes her father home and pays honor to the tomb.
Marcus brings a white
robe for Titus, in honor of
being chosen emperor.
Titus declines the offer and
insists that he is too old to
take crown. Titus then
chooses Saturninus to take
the crown in his place for
being the eldest son.
“That you create your emperor’s eldest son, Lord Saturnine; whose virtues will, I hope, Reflect on Rome as Titan’s rays on earth, And ripen justice in this commonweal:”
What happens next?
Marcus Andronicus who is a government official, informs both sons that the people have chosen Titus Andronicus to take the crown, for his heroic actions and all that he has done for the land of Rome.
Titus enters Rome bringing along his three living sons, two deceased ones, Tamora, her three sons (Alarbus, Demetruis, Chiron), and Aaron the moor. Titus announces he has just won his battle!He orders his two sons to be buried in the family tomb for their custom ritual. Titus’ living son, Lucuis, suggests that one of Tamoras sons be killed in honor of his deceased brother to which Titus agrees and his sons leave to kill him.
Navraj Kalra
Kelsey Grimes
Shajie Zaidi
Titus Andronicus
Act I Scene I

Characters of Act 1 Scene 1
Titus Andronicus - General of Rome.
Tamora - Queen of the Goths.
Aaron - Tamora's lover.
Lavinia - Daughter of Titus Andronicus.
Marcus Andronicus - Brother of Titus.
Saturninus - Eldest Son.
Bassianus - Younger brother of Saturninus.
Lucius - Titus's son.
Chiron and Demetrius - Goth princes sons of Tamora.
Saturninus thanks Titus greatly , "I give thee thanks in part of thy deserts...." He then claims he'll repay Titus back by marrying Lavinia to make her empress. Titus then hands over his daughter and captives. Saturninus is congratulated by
his father however, Bassianus
opposes this claiming that
Lavinia and him are already
engaged. He states, " Lord Titus,
by your leave, this maid is mine."
Bassianus and Lavinia run off to go get married! Titus runs after his daughter but is stopped by his sons. Saturinus reassures Titus, that Lavinia is not needed because Tamora can become the new empress!
Tamora and Saturinus run off to go get married!
Both newly married couple return back to Rome.
Saturinus states that he will make Titus' family repay for what they have done as Tamora explains his karma will come on its own.
Saturinus pretends to make up with everyone and Titus invites everyone to go hunting!
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