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Rontis Dooel [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of Rontis Dooel [Shared]

Re-granulation of materials
Gradually reduction of the personnel
Facilities expansion
Investing in machines
Leak Test reduction plan
Rontis Dooel
Annual Review of Production

The customer complaints have developed as following:
Re-Granulation as a project to reduce production costs was introduced in 2014 and it was carried out from a third party company located in the city of Tetovo.
January 2015
we started the year having
295 operators
January 2016
we started the year having
250 operators
Meaning a drop of
In late 2014 the Management of Rontis Corporation decided to move on with the Sterilization Project resulting to further facility expansion
Estimated starting date – March ‘16
January ’15
February ’15
March ‘15
April & May ‘15
June ‘15
July ‘15
Sept, Oct & Nov ‘15
December ’15
Negotiating the purchase of the chamber
Transportation of the chamber
Area Allocation / Layout designing / Subcontractors Selection
Reconstruction of the building
Positioning the Chamber to its final position & start installation
Paintjob & Room preparation
Start work with subcontractors
Chamber installation & Software build up
Complaints 2013/2014/2015
The two picks (March-April & November) are
from mainly two reasons:
The tendency on keeping complaints below 2
per month
is kept in 2015 as well.
On March a custom made machine for the assembly of Drip Chambers becomes part of our Automatic Dpt
Previously we have been using from 21 to 30 operators per day(!!) to cover our needs only for Drip Chambers. With the addition of the automatic machine we cut with one move all the expenses for the above operation

The capacity of the machine is approximately 30.000pcs per day

Along with the Sterilization chamber 2 Multivac Packaging machines were also purchased. The machines are operational but outdated electronically wise.
In 2015 was decided to move on with implementing a barcoding system
Today the beta version of the software is already installed and next week real time tests will take place to check software & hardware performance.
Recently the Management decided to proceed with the reduction of the presentence of the performed Leak Test to 36% starting with
Rontis Bloodlines
, saving 7 operators!
The plan to be followed is that if we don’t receive complaints from the market concerning the Leak Test, the reduction will after be implemented also to
Rontis Bloodlines
for the
Turkish Market
and finally to
FMC Bloodlines
No working days due to FMC lack of components

No working days due to air conditioning malfunctioning

Improper mold maintenance
In 2015 we had to decide the cease of Bloodline production for overall 13,5 days due to lack of FMC components such as Transducer Protectors & Injection Ports.
That resulted in losing from production approximately 380.000 sets!
Also, during the summer heat waves we experienced major cooling cut offs due to Air Conditioning malfunctions resulting temperature raise and cases of operator collapse. Therefore we decided to stop production for 3 days until we repair the cooling units.
Production Discontinuance
Experience have proven that trying to save money on mold maintenance and in the same time working on the edge is non profitable long term.

Longterm Improper Mold Maintenance is resulting:
More smaller repairs on the same molds = increased maintenance costs
Additional days that molds are off for corrections
Not HIGH quality components = quality compromise
Quality compromises increase the risk of complaints = More controls
More controls = Increase the Production Costs
Improper Mold Maintenance
1. Serious mold constructors for partners

Myself and Mr. Letsios made contacts with serious mold constructors in Serbia. The attempt seems successful.
After some months we will come down with whom we will work with. However this will take money and time

2. Increase of the Maintenance Budget

This can be achieved with smart cutting costs.
Proper Mold Maintenance
For example:
Present Arterial molds (body & cover) produce 67% sprue that can hardly be re-granulated because molds are old with many defects.
Resulting a non-profitable mold/production from the very start
Smart cost cutting..?
Production Overview
Production Performance
Reduce Controls
Convert Bloodline clean rooms to “flawless component zone”
Reduce rejections
Create the conditions for a quantity-wise stable production
Launch the Sterilization Facility
Launch the barcode system everywhere
Focus for the New Year
In November FMC requested 392.000 pcs od Drip Chambers.
We pushed production to the very edge.
We delivered!
But quantities were sent back
Profit lost
Create 2 new Arterial Molds with semi-hot runners to reduce sprue that will work 24/7 with no stops producing MUCH MORE.
Estimated annual profit 41.000€
Order an Automatic Arterial chamber machine and cut down 11 operators at once
Jack Pot Target
FMC is facing serious problems with its suppliers. If we manage to produce Arterial Chambers for their lines (5,5 mil) the annual profit is estimated to be 200.000€ !!!
Sterilization Through 2015
Reduction of the 100% Leak Test
Deformed Drip Chambers due to P720
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