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kym davis

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Munster- We have a problem!
Who we are
The BIG Problem
Where you come in
Thursday, March 5 or Friday, March 4, you will be presenting to the rep from Koszut & O'Neill Labs. The rep will be deciding whether or not to continue our funding based on what you show them.
Here at Davis Labs we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best and latest information in marine biology. In order to do this, we need to maintain the funding of the top companies in the country. Such as Exxon, Shell and our largest funder, Koszut & O'Neill Science.

Our research in tidal ecosystems has helped saved millions of organisms and has provided invaluable information.
Koszut & O'Neill science have decided to pull ALL of their funding away. This means we would have to cut 95% of our research. Their reason you ask? They don't believe tides exist! Since they don't exist, they feel that we have been wasting their money, time and that we are obviously, idiots.

In order to save our company and secure our funding, we must prove them wrong.
As our top researchers, whose jobs are all on the line, it is YOUR job to save our company! You will have 3 days to create the most amazing and informational presentation possible in order to convince Koszut & O'Neill to keep giving us their money! In a couple days, a representative from their company will come to view your presentations. Since this removal of funds will end our careers & close our labs, I am putting all of you on the job- I know together we can change their minds!
Must be eye catching & informational

Provide information about what tides are

Provide information about why tides occur

Provide information about spring & neap tides

Use diagrams, pictures & charts for evidence

Use research from facilities BESIDES ours

Proper business attire

Groups of 3 or 4- all of you must be a vital part of the presentation

Works cited

Must last less than 10 minutes
Welcome to Davis Labs
Project 1
In order to teach them everything they need to know, we first have to learn about how our sun, the earth and the moon interact. The simplest place to start is with the phases of the moon. Over the next 4 days, you will be researching what the phases are and what causes each phase. Each day, you will be given a certain aspect of their relationship to discover. You will fill out your data sheet & will turn them in at the end of each work day. On day 3, you will be performing a lab to see if your findings are correct.
Final Presentation
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