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What Makes a Great Still Life Drawing? modified for Middle School

Simplified Still Life prezi from a high school art teacher, modified for middle school

Lindsey Foushee

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of What Makes a Great Still Life Drawing? modified for Middle School

What Makes a Great Still Life Drawing?
Look closely at Values
Value in a drawing refers to the light and dark areas in a drawing.
Texture refers to the way something feels or looks like it feels. In drawings textures can be created by the use of shading techniques such as: tonal rendering, blending, hatching, cross hatching, scumbling, or stippling.
Composition is the arrangement of objects on the page.

Consider this:
1-How much negative (empty space) is left?
2-How close are the objects together?
Start with
Contour refers to the lines in the object-- both interior lines an outlines.
Even clear or white objects will have areas that are dark. You have to train your eye to see them.
Value Scale
A value scale is a range of values from lightest to darkest in a row.

Your drawings should always have a FULL range of values meaning a white, a black, an several shades of grey in between.
Craftsmanship refers to the
neatness of the drawing.

-all smudges and mistakes are fully erased
-paper isn't creased, torn, or the corners bent
Marshmallow Practice
Shading Forms
Everything that you will draw can be examined first by looking for the form and understanding how light effects it.
Still Life Assignment
Still Life
A drawing of a collection of objects.

NOT: portraits, landscapes
Don't draw everything!
Zoom in on about 3 objects
Draw BIG to fill the paper - minimize negative space
Proportions and size relationships
Locations of objects- beside or behind?
Everything has value- shading yellow vs. red
Every object has highlight & shadow
Sketch a contour drawing in your sketchbook to help plan and observe.
Draw onto 12x18" when you're happy with your composition.
Include at least 3 objects, but don't draw everything!
Remember that each object has highlight and shadow.
Besides blending, use at least 1 other shading technique
Observe Closely
Pay attention to size relationships. Make sure you have tall, medium, and short objects and that everything doesn't all end up the same height.
Observe Closely #2
Also look closely for location and position of objects. Things that are BEHIND should not be drawn BESIDE.
Find a small grouping to focus on instead of drawing the whole collection of objects
**Draw LIGHTLY to start- you don't want "ghost lines" if you have to erase!
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