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DSA Spelling Inventory

No description

Kara McDonald

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of DSA Spelling Inventory

Developmental Spelling Analysis
Kathy Ganske
Word Journeys

DSA Spelling Inventory

Spelling inventory utilized to determine developmental spelling stage:
Letter Name Spelling
Within Word Pattern Spelling
Syllable Juncture Spelling
Derivational Constancy Spelling

Beginning of the year:
Screener (optional)
Feature Lists (Form A) to find target level
4th begin at Within Word
5th begin at Syllable Juncture
Mid-Year: Feature Lists (Form B) to see progress
End of Year: Feature Lists (Form A) to see growth

What/When to Administer…

* Become familiar with the spelling inventory.
* Make the students comfortable by letting them know that it will not be graded
and will only be used to see what you still need to teach.
* Give students the materials.
* Say the word, read the sentence, say the word again.
* Let the students know that the words will get progressively
difficult and that they should try his/her best.

How to administer…

Score each response using the following point systems:
2 = entire word is correctly spelled.
got for got
1 = targeted feature is correct; entire word is not.
jat for j et
0 = targeted feature is incorrect
chip for sh ip

(Answer sheet and Answer Card)

FIGURE 2-5. Interpreting stage scores on the Feature Inventory.
Source: Ganske, K. (2000). Word Journeys. Assessment-Guided Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary Instruction. Guilford Press. NY, NY.

* Note: Because there is no prior list at the letter name stage, spellers with feature knowledge that indicates letter-sound association, such as B or BT for bet, may be considered early letter name spellers.

Tally each word with a score of 2 (max score of 25)

Determining Stage Scores

Here’s where it got a little tricky… for me at least.
The letters after each word on the answer card correspond with a specific spelling feature.
ie: the five words with K are assessing long vowel patterns in the SJ Stage.
For each Feature letter count the words with a score of 1 or 2.

Analyzing Feature Performance
Use with Stage of Development List

Find a system that works for YOU!
it would be helpful to organize the papers by spelling stage first.
Start entering students in the derivational constancy stage and make your way down the pile of papers.
Record the stage and feature scores
Determining TOTAL inventory score
Add all scores in the gray columns for a total score between 0-100.

Recording Results

You can use the data to…
create groups
focus your spelling/sorting stations/centers
Monitor progress of targeted students.

Using the data…
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