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"The Hunted" by Alex Shearer, 10.Klasse Wahlpflichtfach Englisch

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Justus Nauer

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of "The Hunted" by Alex Shearer, 10.Klasse Wahlpflichtfach Englisch

Alex Shearer

Alex Shearer lives with his family in Sommerset. He has written over a dozen books for children and adults and his book "The Hunted" was released in 2005. Also the BBC series of his book "Bootleg" won a BAFTA award for the best Children´s Drama. Moreover he had over 30 different jobs, for example as a writer for television, movies, theater, and radio before he became a novelist.
The teenager Tarrin has been born in a future world where you can live with the aid of medical science 150 to 300 years and still look young. But the price for a long life is high: you lose your fertility. Therefore, real children are rare. They are bought, sold and stolen like a product. Tarrin is one of those natural born children and got stolen. Now he has to work for a man called Deet who won him one time in a card game. They move around and Deet rents Tarrin for people who can't have children anymore because they took the anti aging pill. He tries to persuade Tarrin to take part in the forbidden “Peter Pan (PP)” programm. This programm stops growing up for children and make them immortal. But Deet didn't reached his goal so he tries to sell Tarrin. After, a while they find a couple called the Hartinger´s who wants to buy Tarrin. The farewell is short and so Tarrin is the adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Hartinger. Now all seems to be better however a man, his name is Kinane, observes Tarrin. Finally, they both meet on a bridge where Kinane reveals Tarrin that he is his father and Tarrin's real name is Danny. First he doesn't believs this but then after watching a photo which proofs that Tarrin/Danny is the son of him he leaves the Hartinger´s and lives with his family.
How we found the book...

What would you do if you lived in that futuristic world?
Important persons
, the main character of the book, is a teenager who is owned by Deet. Throughout the whole book the reader can see the opinions and the thoughts Tarrin has on all what´s happening. Tarrin seems to be really mature for his age because he was his whole life on his own although Deet took care for Tarrin like give him clothes and food. But he never felt the love that child need to grow up sheltered. Moreover, he can connect contents really well for example he already knew that Deet is going to sell when they arrived at the Hartinger´s. At least we both were happy that Tarrin/Danny found his true family because after everything he had to do he deserved it.

, the long-standing owner, friend and companion of Tarrin/Danny is a money obsessed man. He just thinks about to make the biggest profit with Tarrin until then to sell his ´golden goose'. Additionally, he has every week a new girlfriend who Tarrin has to call mum. For us Deet was just another immoral adult of this book and we wouldn't have cried if he had been died in the book.
by Alex Shearer
The Hunted
First we were a little bit wary if "The Hunted" could be a book what we couldn't lay out of our hands till we finished it. But after reading the first fifty sides we noticed that the book captivated us because it was really gripping. The plot of the book deals with the biggest dream of the humanity: Immortality or better said a really long live. Alex Shearer shows the disadvantages of lives with no end. he gives us a lot suggestion to think about an endless life. At least everybody his own decision. We diecide not to have an endless life.
a) Being forever a child and let you implant the "Peter Pan" chip.
b) Taking the anti-aging pill when you are an adult and live longer.
c) Don´t take any pills or chips and live a normal life.
Write five to ten sentences and justify your choice!
Thank your attention! Hopefully you liked our presentation and we made you a little bit curious!
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