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Technology Of The Future

best prezzzzzzzzzzi in the solar system!

Faaris Khan

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Technology Of The Future

Home Tech.
In the near future most of us will be living in smart homes. A smart home is a home that incorporates advanced automated technology. A lot of smart smart homes revolve around a single master panel, which will make life a whole bunch easier.
Future Transport.
Travel and transport are some of the most important things to us in this modern era. Without transport we wouldn't be as far ahead with technology as we are with
the transport. Transport is essential in our everyday lives, making it allot easier and more convenient.
Communication plays a role in all information exchanged between living species. Technically speaking, even plants and fungi communicate with each other.

What sets us humans apart is the speed at which our means of communication develops and innovates. Technology has been helping us to communicate easier, faster and more often. We’re now at a point where we’re “always on” and panic sets in when we temporarily lose the ability to communicate – for example when we lose the data connection our mobile phone
Robots are still quite a modern and high tech to us. We do not yet use robots in our homes and our everyday lives, but I think in the future we will do because they can help save a lot of time.
In this PREZI i will show you what the future of technology holds.
Technology is forever progressing and at a very fast rate as well.The technology of tomorrow is far more useful and advanced than today's.

In the future transport will be designed to be a lot faster, more efficient and automated.
Forget electro-magnet or any other way of communicating, quantum communication is the way forward.
In 2012 scientists made there first break trough wit quantum communication.
Quantum communication can allow data to travel at the sped of light.
If you want to look into anything further here are some links:


Thank you, bye.
Ants are some of the most organized living things on the planet. They build highly sophisticated colonies for future generations, enslave other ants, pillage, maintain the nest, and send foragers out for food. And they do all this without speaking. Well, sort of.
Like many animals, ants communicate by pheromones. Step on an ant’s head, and the chemicals gushing from its glands will tell its friends to attack. Tiny bacteria also communicate on this molecular level. Now, a Canadian group of scientists say that bacteria, too, can send messages by chemicals, according to a study published in the open-access journal PLoS One. While work in this field has largely been theoretical to this point, researchers say that new practical knowledge of this method could dramatically increase channels of communication in human technologies that require sensing, with applications in everything from environmental monitoring to fighting cancer.
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