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Photography Course Part 1

No description

See Yong Xin

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Photography Course Part 1

PHOTOGRAPHY tips for better YOUR TASK 1. Composition making a subject stand out

blurring the background

interesting angles 3. depth of focus creating a journey

leading the viewer

depth 5. lines tall objects 7. an ant's perspective Using any camera, go around the school to take photos

ONE photo PER tip

Groups of 2-3

45 mins 6. bird's eye view angle

move around

experiment 2. Lighting 3. Depth of Field 4. Framing 5. Lines 6. Bird's eye view 7. Ant's perspective 8. Symmetry 9. Balance 10. Rule of 3rds how to hold the camera elbow against rib tripod 1. composition 1. keep it simple

2. one point of interest

3. remove distractions 2. lighting MOVE AROUND!
CHANGE YOUR VIEW! photograph photos graphos lighting drawing behind every great shot is the sun check your background 4. framing natural frames

isolates the main subject

focus 8. symmetry eye-catching

balance and harmony

breaking the pattern 9. balance filling up empty space

be careful not to distract visual weight 10. rule of thirds well known

well-balanced and interesting

usually works straighten the horizon one point of interest blurring the background stronger focus interesting angles does not always work breaking symmetry giving space for the lamb to move into
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