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Chanel SWOT Analysis

No description

Elodie Bordiec

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Chanel SWOT Analysis

Chanel SWOT Analysis
Chanel Introduction
SWOT analysis: a strategic planning method used to identify the positive and negative influencing factors inside and outside of a company

Make decisions for your initiative, identifying your opportunities, clarify decisions and choices

Determine where change is possible

Adjust plans mid-course

High prices: limit the potential customers

Chanel limited production

Customer service online: you can only purchase cosmetics and fragrances

Chanel has a stiff competition from other premium brands

In the short term:

Lower the prices of products in emerging markets

Improve its cosmetic line

Allocate the investment

Pay attention to counterfeits
and limit them

Online retailing is pushing forward in success

Economic slowdown and downturn affect Chanel’s production

Competitors like Gucci, Prada and LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy)

The fake market: counterfeits and illegal use of the double C logo

Pioneer of « ready-to-wear »

A well-known and highly
established brand
worldwide since 1898

90 shops in Asia, 70 in Europe, 128 in North America, 2 in South America and some shops in Oceania and Middle East

A luxurious brand
image of high
quality products

A company present in different kind of products

Strong brand equity and customer loyalty

The Chanel logo and the Chanel muse: Karl Lagerfeld

Another big strength: celebrity endorsement

Potential to expand business in emerging market

Chanel opening its largest global franchised store in Tokyo, and has mobile art exhibition in some cities in China

Online sale and e-marketing gaining a lot of importance

In the long term:

Chanel should more focus on younger generation

Find more ideas in clothing design

Make more research in African market
Elegance, high-class and originality of a well-known international brand

A company in the lifestyle and retail sector, providing luxury goods

Chanel targets
urban men and
women from
higher affluent
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