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The Scientific Method( Rainfvr)

No description

Akhil Rain

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of The Scientific Method( Rainfvr)

The Scientific Meth d


According to this
experiment where they
test its properties using food coloring, hot water moves faster than room temperature water

IF a scientist is doing an experiment

THEN they will use the scientific method

BECAUSE it is an organized and efficient way of answering a question without the chance of making big mistakes and is also a valid way of collecting data.

-Use as many sources as you can find.
-Make sure the sites you use are valid.
-Research must be related to the question.
-Use a variety of different sources like books and videos not just text from the interwebs.
-The scientific method is an organized
way of answering a question accurately
without the chance of big mistakes.
- It is the closest we can get to finding
perfectly valid data.
-The scientific method has evolved and changed by the most brilliant minds in science

- A good scientist is very curious

-Do research and ask a question

- Also do research to check if your question has already been answered
What do I want to ask?
Example Question
Why do scientists use the scientific method?
A hypothesis is an educated guess about how things work or a proposed explanation of something
Most of the time a hypothesis is written like this: If __________, then _____,because_____. (Fill in the blanks with the appropriate information from your own experiment.)

Your hypothesis should be something that you can actually test, what's called a testable hypothesis. In other words, you need to be able to measure both "what you do" and what will happen.

-Ask questions and make detailed
- Find your variables; dependent and
- Determine what method of recording
you are going to use.
-Determine your materials
-What are you going to do?( Procedure)
-Record qualitative and quantitative data when possible
-We will use what we learned so far to create and asnwer a question! YAY!

Question: Does the temperature of water affect waters ability to erode earth material?

Not a word but we don't care
- Increase in temperature increases the Kinetic Energy (rate of motion) of the molecules.
-this makes the water flow faster
Research (cont.)
Experiment Time!
When the cold water and hot water were gently poured on
to the sand, the hot water eroded the sand better and faster. Our hypothesis supports my claim.
When our group conducted the experiment, we found out that the hot water eroded the sand in the water basin faster than cold water. I know this because the hot water experiment started and the water started to flow the hot water immediately created a river and a river valley/canyon. On the contrary, the cold water experiment created a river on minute 2 and a delta in minute 3. Also, there was much more sand in the bucket in the hot water bucket than the cold water which proves that the hot water carried away more sediment than the cold water.

Based on the evidence, hot water eroded the earth material faster than cold water. This is because hot water is more viscous than cold water therefore the hot water erodes faster. Since hot water erodes faster/ more efficiently than cold water we can also infer that hot water can erode more efficiently than room temperature water. The reason hot water is flowing out faster is because a higher pressure is being used to drive the flow and there's a higher velocity at the exit of the hole in the bottom of the cup in the hot water experiment in contrast with the cold water experiment. To support my reasoning think of it this way, the lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity. For example pancake syrup. When it's been in the fridge (low temperature) it's flow is slow but, if you heat it up (increase temperature) then it flows more fluidly; therefore, the viscosity decreases. This factor applies to water too but it’s very hard to notice. Since the hot water is less viscous, more runny it can carry sediment faster than cold water, therefore causing faster erosion. My evidence supports my claim because as my group observed the hot water created a river before the cold water and eroded more earth material. In conclusion, the temperature of water affects its ability to erode because the warmer the water the more efficiently it erodes.
CER (cont.)
CER/ Conclusion
Claim( State what happened during the experiment. Remember to start with a When...)
When we used the scientific method in our experiment it
was organized and was done efficiently and was a also easy to record data. My hypothesis supports my claim
Evidence( Stuff that supports your claim):
During the experiment my partner and I found it easier
to use the scientific method to plan an experiment, record data, and write a conclusion in an organized way.
Reasoning:(Explains why evidence came out the in the way that it did. Start with Based on Evidence)
Based on the evidence, using the scientific method
was an easy to use and organized way of answering a question. this is because the scientific method has
been made this way and some of the most
brilliant minds of science have contributed to this
so that we can answer questions easier and more accurately

Remember to...
-Include an errata
-Name something you would do differently if you were to conduct the experiment again
-You can also ask peers to conduct the experiment and compare results with them, which is what actual scientists do.
-If you want to make it even more pro you can even add a third party
IF the temperature of water affect waters ability to erode earth material THEN hot water can erode better BECAUSE water at a high temperature and an increase in temperature increases the amount of kinetic energy therefore making the water flow faster otherwise eroding the earth material faster
By Rainfvr and Danger1012
(Akhil P. and Sanket D.)

Work Cited
-Previous knowledge of the scientific method
thanks to the amazing Ms. Alford.
-6th grade notes.
-The video by Ms. Carton's class.
- Question your Results

- Find variables that might
have effected the experiment
for errata (explained in

word of the day)
-Find any data relating to

the experiment or not

Word of the Day
Errata: a list of errors and

their corrections inserted,
on a separate page or
slip of paper,
in a book or other


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