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Technology of the Future

No description

rachel Leung

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Technology of the Future

TSES 3001 Swarm Project 2014
Technology of the Future
Blue Collar

Contrary to white collar jobs, these workers perform a more labor intensive job at an hourly rate.
Pink Collar
These are any workers that are involved in the service industry.
Jobs that could be a combination or white, blue or pink collar jobs
White Collar

These are jobs that involve professional, managerial, or administrative work and usually performed in an office or cubical setting.
Lawyers and Paralegals
Review documents in a fraction of the time
Replaces lawyers and any setting that requires sorting through lengthy pages of documents
Genetic Programming
Machine learning technique that can be used to solve complex problems
Provides alternate method of problem solving that does not rely on human brain power
Surgical Robots
A robot which performs surgery while being directed by a surgeon located remotely
Eliminates the need for direct surgeon patient contact, reduces surgical assistant staff, and may develop the ability to perform surgery without direct surgeon control
Pilot-less robot plane
Delivery carrier: deliver to designed locations
Cruise guard: use camera to watch on street conditions
Big Data Technology
Medical consultant - update health data for users and make plan for them
Coach - use previous data to evaluate user’s performance and create developed plans
Routine planner - easily give user’s best way to the destination
Interactive Projection Technology
Electronic display books - introduce concerned information to people and attract them
Interactive projector - spare people’s efforts of trying on clothes on their own
Makr Shakr
Machine that acts as a bartender - making personal drinks to order
Eliminates the need for bartenders, as well as able to promote responsible drinking through monitoring consumer consumption
Momentum Machines
Assembly line machine that can create custom made and fresh burgers ready to order
Eliminates the kitchen in fast food restaurants due to its ability to produce 400 burgers per hour
Narrative Science - Quill
Software that is able to transform any data set into a written story
Provides a simpler way of organizing data and deciding what is important; however it can eliminate the need for some journalists
Ethercat Programmable Logic Control Reference Platform
Permits the synchronicity of monitoring and management on board ships
Eliminates the need of rounds man to do hourly sweeps of the ship as everything is fed the the system
BigDog robot
A robot intended to accompany soldiers into rough terrain
Able to carry load through any terrain and weather eliminates the necessity of soldiers risking their lives in some situations
2 Person Cockpit
An automated computer system that monitors flight status and will report anything lacking or possibly dangerous
Replaces the flight engineers, navigators and radio operators on larger planes (757/767 and J model C-130's )
Self-Driving Cars
A car that can drive itself, no need of a driver.
Replaces taxi drivers, limousine drivers, delivery truck drivers, and many others in the transportation industry
Automated Cashiers
Automated checkouts, allows people to scan, bag and pay for items themselves
Can replace cashiers in any place: fast food, grocery stores, hardware stores, and more
Machines scan barcodes to administer the proper drugs in proper doses
Replaces pharmacists and could end up in hospitals, where it could replace nurses who administer medication
A robot that has five fingered hands with sensors that can handle detailed jobs to assist humans in space
Eventually replace astronauts by venturing outside space station and help make repairs
Robots that can entertain children through a radio frequency identification chip
Replace babysitters that adults don’t have the time to hire, want to hire or trust to hire
Artificial Intelligence Replacing Teachers
Can adapt to the students pace and be completely personalized based on the needs and desires of the student
Due to being cheaper and more efficient, they could potentially eliminate the need for “classroom” teachers

3D house printers
3D printing is cheap and efficient due to its additive construction nature (as opposed to carving material out from raw resources)
It is very fast (a Chinese 3D printing company managed to print 10 houses in a single day using their gigantic 3D printer)
Can be a great source of low income housing
Replace construction workers and laborers

Jobs likely to be reduced are those of assembly lines, or of assembly basis.
It is a faster way of creating previously complex items such as prosthetics.
It also drastically reduces the cost of these items, because of the reduced labour costs.

Drone delivery
Amazon Air has announced their drone delivery program that will potentially launch in 5 years time
Eventually routine deliveries (e.g. pizza delivery) can be done by drones which are potentially cheaper and safer than delivery personnel

Argus Retinal Prosthesis
Retinal implant that allows a simplified version of sight for those who were born blind, or partially blind.
Could replace braille printing, support offices for the blind, industries centered around the blind and institutions set up for the blind population of the world.
WiFi Connectivity drones
High altitude internet connected drones are developed to provide internet to vast areas with large wireless receiving and transmitting capability.
These drones could be used in areas where the constructions of physical land based infrastructure makes little sense (deserts, marshes, polar regions)
Full Body Scanners
Advanced imaging technology that can view suspicious items using radio frequency radiation.
Takes only seconds, and can be far more effective that a pat-down due to the speed and capability of using X-rays as well.
Can be viewed as a massive invasion of personal privacy, but was ruled constitutional in the USA.
Autonomous Vehicles [Trucks]
AMAS – Lockheed Martin
Replace Soldiers on the Battlefield, the vehicle uses a wide range of sensors such as imaging cameras, radar, and global positioning to navigate terrain autonomously.
Future Truck 2025 – Daimler/Mercedes Benz
An autonomous commercial transportation truck which could replace commercial drivers globally by being more efficient, and safer.
Autonomous Drone Swarms – GRASP Labs at University of Pennsylvania
These drone swarms are being developed for construction purposes, large swarms of drones could erect structures faster, and safer than their human counterparts.
The drones communicate with and get direction from a server which plans the construction process.
The TERMS Project – Self-organizing Systems Research Group at Harvard University

Automated grocery stores where shopping list is scanned; within an estimated time all the bags are packed
Same technology could be applied to replace more jobs such as book/comic store managers, dollaramas, or any store that does not require professional assistance with specific questions or concerns the customers may have.

Artificial Intelligence
Cognitive Computing – IBM
Adaptive software that learns from and interacts with humans.
Neural Network AI – DeepMind/Google
This software aims to recreate the human mind (which is essentially a biochemical machine) in a way that would allow machine to learn, adapt, think and be creative.
Robot with the ability to detect its surroundings and give retail information and product location through customer engagement
Eliminates the need for retail workers due to its superior customer service such as multiple language support
Teleportation hubs
Loss of jobs in automotive and manufacturing industry -> replaces assembly workers
No longer a need for cars as people will be able to get to their destination within seconds
No more traffic gridlock and transportation debates.

Automated Social Media
This technology will allow employees and employers to communicate via brain nerves and functions
It will provide live updates in their brains so they can receive any important feedback or messages instantly without any obstacles (computers breaking down or missed emails)
Replaces administrative workers

Floating Holograms
Loss of jobs in computer sciences, information technology and communications
This high tech projection will contain all the basic needs of a computer. cellphone, tablet, and ipad integrated into a small watch like device
Will be more efficient than carrying a cellphone or computer everywhere
Runs on a 24/7 life long battery that does not need to be replaced
GPS Controlled Transport
GPS technology could control any means of transportation to a very accurate level (time and space wise)
No need for drivers of any kind, all fully automated by “error-free” GPS technology.

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Robotic Check Ups
Replaces Nurses, Doctors
Robot with a video monitor is programmed to visit patients, conduct rounds throughout the hospital, manage patient information
Equipped with a two way video monitor that allows a healthcare worker to interact with patients if required.

Remote Patient Monitoring - GE/Intel
Replaces Nurses, Doctors
Monitoring system for home health care provided to elderly
Allows healthcare to be provided at the individual’s home, improve ability for seniors to live independently

AI Medical Diagnostics
Replaces Doctors
Artificial intelligence sifts through research journals, publications, patient genome.
Provides diagnosis and prescribes treatment.
Supported by advances in imaging technology
AI is always current, considers all information, reduced instance of error

This shows that the unemployment rate (for U.S. citizens) is considerably low in relation to level of education. Since these jobs are of lower education level they are at risk of being replaced by autonomous technology.
Automatic robot that prune, thin, harvest, mow, spray pesticides and remove weeds
Using technologies such as visual systems, identification, and measurement systems that perform more efficientlyand effectively than humans
Agricultural Robots
ATM Machines

•Machines that allow individuals to self serve themselves in regards to withdrawing cash , checking balance on receipt etc.

•These are found in banks, in malls and even in restaurants.

•They allow for there to be less bank tellers and thus it saves the employers money. It is said that there will be 638,000 workers at risk in 2018.

Robotic Arms

•Allow for their to be quicker manufacturing done; arms move things around in a repetitve way.

•Found in warehouses, transportation, offices

•They allow for there to be quicker and more efficient production

•Allows synthetic production of meat

•First “created” hamburger served August 5, 2013

•In future could eliminate need for animal farming

In Vitro
Meat Production (Blue Collar)
The above results are of pharmacist robot Kirby Lester in a retail pharmacy setting. Study compiled evidence supporting a slightly faster and more efficient prescription time.
Hondas' Asimo shaking a human hand during a presentation. http://asimo.honda.com/gallery/
Snake robots
Search and rescue teams are already using this technology.
Further advancements would rapidly decrease the number of rescuers required greatly decreasing the number of jobs in the search and rescue industry.
Holds many other uses including being used by nuclear engineers to reach radioactive places.
Poses a major threat to high-risk/high-paying jobs (firefighters, police personal, emergency services etc.)
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