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Afghan Women's Rights

A quick look of Afghan Women's Rights from 1920's to Present day!

Yasamin Rahmani

on 12 January 2017

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Transcript of Afghan Women's Rights

Afghan Women's Rights
1920's to Present Day Rights given to women by Islam:
-All created equal and equal in the
eyes of God
-Women are not limited
to their abilities
Many have incorrectly
interpreted religion for
their own benefit "Men and women are created equal and freedom
is not something political, it is something that
is God given. Islam and the law of nature have
created humans free and we are the ones who
control our destiny and our own intelligence,
no one has any upper hand to formulate."
- Dr. Farid Younos
Professor at the Department of Human
Development Studies in
California State University East Bay. "Compassion is the true road to long
lasting change. When we label people
as 'oppressors' we miss out on a tremendous
opportunity for healing and enlightenment.
It has taken quite a bit of experience for me
to even begin to grasp how profound compassion is.
I keep finding deeper and deeper levels of what
this word really means."
- Ariana Delawari,
Multi-media artist recognized by Rolling Stones magazine "I dodge bullets to create art"
- Shamsia Hassani "If women are going outside with fashionable, ornamental, tight and charming clothes
to show themselves, they will be cursed
by the Islamic Sharia and should
never expect to go to heaven."
Decree of the Taliban
November 1996 Kabul
1.What kind of government do you want for Afghanistan? Secular or Islamic?
Islamic 52% Secular 34% Undecided 14 %
"A government with true respect to human beings
and a government that love the people more than
the things will be best I love to see in my country. "
-Survey Participant 35 women in Afghanistan participated
in a three question survey with
the help of AWWP 2. What age is the right age for marriage?
83% said after graduating college and by her own choice. 3. What is your dream? For yourself and for your country?
Many drew attention to unity and stability.
"I every night pray to my God that He brings
peace to Afghanistan; my dream is living in peace
with my family...It is not only a simple dream,
it is my goal which by the help of God and
my efforts I am going to achieve it one day!"
-Survey Participant "I dream a day for Afghanistan that nobody would heave a tear in her eyes because of losing family members in war, women because of violence, children because of poverty." -Survey Participant Names concealed for safety precautions. Sources: Special Thanks To:
Meena Saifi
Dr. Farid Younos
Ariana Delawari
Afghan Women's Writing Project Yasamin Rahmani Born in Damascus, Syria
(raised & educated)

Opened the first all-girls school

In 1920's started a women's hospital

Published a magazine called
(Guidence forWomen) Constitution in 1923 established a secular school system in order to fully focus on the curriculum and allow religious privacy. Girls were sent abroad for education. Abolished slavery and
granted equal right
to both genders. Minimum age
for marriage
was set to be
18 years of age. Kabul University Adaptation of the
Soviet System "They can make us cover
ourselves but they
cannot close our mind."
- Nazira, Kabul October 2001 Sound Centeral Music Festival
Kabul,Afghanistan Policewomen serving on $165
a month to help their families survive. April 2007 to October 2009
Kabul has issued 180 driving licenses
in comparison to 27,985 men drivers. War Torn
Women Of Afghanistan
Meena Saifi
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