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Debt Reporting Dashboard

No description

Samer Saab

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Debt Reporting Dashboard

The Dashboard

Design and technology
: based on TABLEAU software
, online platform, interactive, visual, Excel backbone, scalable in content and design.

Critical links
Link with broader Debt management Strategy (DMS): helps monitor cost and risk indicators that anchor DMS.
Link with transparency/communication: promotes a close and continuing dialogue with investors in an effort to keep them informed of the country’s debt portfolio characteristics and to obtain information about investors’ preferences.
Contact and Demo
Debt Dashboard
There is an increased need for transparency/communication with the public at large when it comes to public debt matters.
Emphasis on simple yet informative/analytical reporting.
This ultimately puts added strain on DMOs, especially ones with low capacity/headcount or in need of training.
Next generation public debt reporting
Samer Y. Saab
Senior Partner
thehardnumber consulting group
: extract raw data from CS-DRMS, feed to Excel file, upload excel data to TABLEAU, design output.

: refresh Excel file with new data, one-click re-upload to TABLEAU. Quick and easy!

: total flexibility in terms of design layout (fonts, color scheme, placement of charts, types of charts, number of charts on page, etc…), and information content (data granularity, public debt scope, etc…).
Power to the user in an interactive environment: click/hover/filter/sort.
Integrates seamlessly and easily with any existing website.
One-click export capability to PDF/image.
The Way Forward
Two possible approaches

thehardnumber delivers capacity building on the use of TABLEAU (workshops), empowering staff to design their own dashboards.

thehardnumber works closely with staff on designing the dashboard, thehardnumber implements the dashboard design agreed upon, with subsequent updates outsourced to thehardnumber (service agreement).
Both options include:
a Tableau license (public premium or desktop),
ongoing customer support (phone, email, skype) on IT, data, and design issues,
a number of site visits (depending on the option chosen),
and a one day workshop on how to choose, compile, and interpret public debt portfolio cost and risk indicators.
email: samersaab@thehardnumber.com
Main Benefits
Dig deeper into understanding your debt portfolio
As a revolutionary data visualization software, TABLEAU allows you to better understand and "see" your data in new ways, making possible the discovery of hidden or hard to see patterns.
Free up time for analytical functions
By automating and streamlining the reporting function, the Dashboard allows DMO staff (particularly middle-office) to spend less time on data reporting and more time on data analysis and strategy development
Empower the reader
By allowing readers to sort, filter, highlight, and manipulate the data presentation in real time on the screen, you empower them to discover and better understand the report in a transparent manner.
Flexibility and scalability
The technology behind the Dashboard is fully flexible in format design and content scope, and can be scaled to communicate as little or as much information as necessary. Your own creativity is the only limit!
The razzle-dazzle effect
Stunning visuals, sleek modern design, interactive platform, all in a concise space. Get your message across efficiently and in style!
Bottom Line
First of a kind, unique in the world!

The Public gets all the relevant public debt data displayed in one concise place, while you look professional doing it.
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