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Much Ado About Nothing Intro

No description

Tricia Ebarvia

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Much Ado About Nothing Intro

Much Ado About Nothing
Based on the following trailers, what do you think the play is about?
1993 | Directed by Kenneth Branaugh (i.e. Professor Lockhart in HP CoS)
2013 | Directed by Joss Whedon
(also directed The Avengers)
2013 | Directed by Josie Rourke
(live theatre production)
Before we begin...
Share your Anticipation Guide ratings with your group.
Discuss your reasoning behind your ratings.
And now... let's look at Shakespeare
and the man behind the Legend...
Answer Question 1.
Globe Theater Today
tiered seating
class divisions
Actors belonged to a company
Actors would sometimes take turns with various roles
All actors were men (as you can see in the following clip)
Setting: Messina, Italy
Answer Question 14.
Major Conflicts / Ideas
Two pairs of (foil) characters and couples
Beatrice and Benedick
Hero and Claudio
War between the Sexes
How do men and women relate (differently) to one another?
Appearance v. Reality
Characters deceive or are deceived by others
Characters wear "masks" (literally and metaphorically)
Love & Marriage
Many discussions about the nature of marriage
What makes a good match? A good marriage?
What are our expectations of love?
Loss of Honor
What does it mean to have honor as a man?
As a woman?
How important is a person's reputation?
How do YOU define love?
Literary Devices
Would you guess that Shakespeare and Hip Hop have a lot in common?
Actors were employed by companies
Actors sometimes took turns playing different characters
All roles were played by men (as you can see in the following clip)
and then there's the title...
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