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Mcdonald's Information System

No description

budour abuemara

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Mcdonald's Information System

History future additional information systems Adv. and Disadv. of using the IS that there is something wrong in the system or power outage has occurred what will happen? The orders will be delay or cancel POS will help to achieve all of these points. In addition it helps limiting the use of the paperwork that maybe makes some problems, because POS include automated reports Some Interesting issues first issue is to know who has access to the information system because it is important to protect this system from potential competitors
Second issue is to know where the data is coming from
Third issue is measurement errors
Fourth issue is to teach or train the employees who have access to McDonald's information system, how to use that information system in a way to benefit McDonald's objectives
Fifth issue is how to make sure that the same information system is being used the same way in every McDonald's branch all over the world. Binefets of information System Made for you system Hyper Active Bob system Point of Sale system ( POS) Mission: To have the best employee stuff and deliver an excellent service Vision: McDonald's vision is to be the world's
best quick service restaurant experience.
For providing an outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value,
so that they make everyone smile . Free wifi , gift coupons, it also offers an indoor or outdoor play ground for the kids and they also have birthdays halls . about their product they serve lots kind of hamburgers , cheeseburgers , chicken burgers , French fries , drinks , salads , ice cream and fruits . Product and Services Uses of the Information System Transaction Information System (TPS) Decision Support System ( DSS) Management Information System (MIS) Size of the company Macdonald's vision/mission statement
United Arab Emirates University
College of Business & Economics
Dr. Saif Khalifa Al-Shaali

MarMis Group

Mcdonald's Information System Farah Kassab 200835302
Alaa Khalid 200834785
Huda Ali saeed 200880053
Boudor Abuemara 200935216
Nour Mohd 200935413
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