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Copy of Copy of Classroom Management Toolkit of Usefulness

Season Cole C&I 491 Classroom Management

Season Cole

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Classroom Management Toolkit of Usefulness

Classroom Flow rules 1. Is important too treat each other as we
would like to be treated. This includes everyone
in the room.

2. We will stay safe.

3. We will be responsible and come to class
prepared and not distracting to those around
us. Procedures Assignments Potty Time Put completed assignments for grading into your classes' correct tray. Respectful Listening You need to go on your own time.
Unless you are super sick you may not go during class time. Teacher's Desk Please do not remove anything from my desk without permission. Eyes on the speaker
Mouths closed
Brains thinking
Start-of-Class Activities You may NOT Response to The Good Response to the Not So Great Ms. Cole's Classroom Expectations
For Student Success in Room 202 and in Life Walk around the room without permission Talk over other people Sit down
Get your warm-up out
Get any homework out to hand in
Have a Pencil or Pen
Have your notebook ready
Have a calculator ready for science 1. Lots of praise for proper behaviors
2. Lets work on accepting praise. 2."Bucks" doled out that can
be cashed in for fun
supplies from the school store. Gentle Reminder on how to behave

A write up. Lets just avoid this step all together. Don't do this to yourself.

Recreated by Season Cole 09/2012 Read the whiteboard outside the door.

Bring all needed materials to class.

Materials include:
a calculator
a silent reading book. You may Move the desks Throw paper or objects into the trash can Throw anything in my room Consequences You will be asked to model the correct behavior. (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Gentle reminder Before you come in to room 202 I will treat you with the same respect that you treat others. Late work Put late work in the LATE WORK tray. Please do not give it to me. If further issues arise then the class will have to begin copying down definitions for respect, responsibility and safety. What did you notice?
How does it compare to your experience in room 202?
What would you like to see change in room 202? Your ability to learn is greatly diminished.

You will learn less this year and you may fall behind in the subsequent years.

Any other concerns? Major Consequences
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