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Welcome to the Journey!

Journey through 2nd grade!

Michelle Botsford

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to the Journey!

Tour guide: Mrs. Botsford Journey through Second grade! About Mrs. Botsford Journey Goals My name is Mrs. Botsford! I am married and I have a two year old son. This is my first year teaching! I am a teacher because I love working with kids and I want to help students learn and grow. My goal this year is to help every one of my students reach a new goal that they have set for themselves! 1. Listen to the teacher
2. Listen and be kind to others
3. Follow directions quickly
4. Respect other people's stuff
5. Work quietly Classroom Rules Consequences and Rewards! Centers- Students will have a designated time for centers. There will be a center rotation sheet that will be followed to allow every student time at each center. Quiet talking is allowed during center time.

Teacher and student desks- Students may not remove or touch any items on the teachers desk as well as desks that are not their own.

Storage areas- There will be one student chosen weekly at each group to be in charge of getting group materials from the storage areas. These items are color coded with a spot on the shelf and need to be returned to the correct spot. Getting material and turning it in will be done quickly and quietly. Classroom Procedures "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." -Ernest Hemingway Welcome to the Journey! Journey Itinerary Language Arts
high frequency words, synonyms and antonyms, context clues to identify main idea of a passage
Classify even and odd numbers, transitive property, measurement or volume and weight, addition/subtraction involving measurement
Study rocks, soil types, water evaporation, identify if objects are solid, liquid, or gas. Entering the classroom- Students will enter the room and quickly put their backpacks in their cubby holes and turn in their expedition folders in the marked bin above the cubby holes. When they have completed this, they will sit down at their assigned desk.

Sharpening pencils- Student should sharpen two pencils at the beginning of the day or during transition into a new lesson. If a student needs another pencil during the lesson, they will hold up their broken pencils and the teacher will give them one to use. Classroom Procedures Green card- awesome job, keep up the hard work!
Yellow card- warning, lose 5 minutes of recess
Orange card- 2nd warning, letter home to parents, 10 minute detention during recess
Red card- phone call home to parents, no recess
Black card- office referral Expedition folders! Each student will have an expedition folder, given on the first day of school, that will be used for communication of behavior, weekly work, homework, and announcements. Students are required to have these expedition folders every day and a participation grade will be given. At the end of each week, students with green cards for every day will get to pick a prize out of a treasure chest! Classroom Procedures Restrooms- When students need to use the restroom, they will hold up their pointer finger. They will then be dismissed to go to the restroom.

Interruptions/Visitors- When there is an interruption in the classroom, students need to remain quiet and continue their work. Students should also be courteous and patient during this time. Classroom Procedures Student Participation- During discussion time, students will need to raise their hand and wait to be called on by the teacher.

Asking for help- When students need help, they will raise their hand. The teacher will then meet them at their desk to provide help. Students will be completing personal goal sheets for the journey on the first day of school. We will be striving to meet all of these goals before arriving to our destination! Welcome to our Journey!
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