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Jaguar food web

No description

Tyler Strain

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Jaguar food web

Jaguar Food Web By: Nathan Rupprecht and TJ Strain Jaguar Deer Fox Anacondas Top Level Carnivore Secondary Consumers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguar#Hunting_and_diet http://www.outwitcritters.com/deer/diet.html Rabbit http://www.nhptv.org/natureworks/redfox.htm http://www.rainforestanimals.net/rainforestanimal/anaconda.html Mouse Primary Consumers Dandilions Maple Branch Berries Grass Producers Habitat: The temperature stays constant through out the year. The jaguars that live live in the amazon get about 50 to 250 inches of rain fall each year. The ones that live in north America get about 20 inches a year. It's biome is a region of year round warmth. History: Jaguar's live in North and South America
They live in states like Texas, Arizona and, New Mexico.
The biggest population is in the amazon rain forest.
What the U.S is trying to do to save them is trying to relocate them to a rural place to give them more room. Geographic location: The south american latitude is 35 degrees south and the longitude is 45 degrees west. It's north american latitude is 21 degrees north and 103 degrees west. Interesting Facts: The jaguar is the largest cat in north America.A jaguar’s roar sounds like a deep, chesty cough. They are mostly nocturnal hunters Sources Species interactions: The gray wolf is one animal that competes for food with the jaguar in north America. Another animal they compete with is a Puma. The Boa Constrictor also competes for food with the jaguar. The last animal that competes with the jaguar is the Ocelot which is another cat that lives in the rainforest. The Fox deer and, Anaconda population would rise but vegetation rabbits and small rodents would go down because of over population of the previous animals.The deer fox and, anaconda would benefit for a while then it would go to crap from lack of food. Vegetation would rise too. Rabbits and small rodents would go extinct because of all the predators have not gotten eaten
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