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The Thinking Shed draft 1

attempt 1

Jonathan Wooldridge

on 12 October 2010

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Transcript of The Thinking Shed draft 1

The Story... Want to know more about The Thinking Shed? Want to know more about The Thinking Shed?

For UK based agencies, contact:
Janine or Jonny (jonny@thethinkingshed.com; janine@thethinkingshed.com)

For non-UK based agencies, please contact:
Nick (nick@thethinkingshed.com)

Or just give us a call, on 0207 486 8180 Sometimes an hour and a half just isn't enough... What am i trying to say?
1. Here's where TTS came from.
Discovery was putting its collective heads together and trying to figure out the enigma of what the internet was for...
...Online groups weren't really what they were looking for, great for some projects, but for the majority of your bread and butter....face to face is more appropriate and more powerful.

However, where qual research & online can be happy bedfellows is the areas around your groups and depths....Pretasks, post-tasks, homework, recontacnting, starting brand communities, longitudinal studies, ethnography. Thats where The Thinking Shed comes in.
... Ever thought your conversation could have gone a bit further? Where i want to spend most of my time...The Alps... Where i actually spend most of my time...The Office! The wife! Paper diaries and disposable cameras seem a bit out of date? Like the idea of online qual...just not online groups? Bring your respondents to life!
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