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The Constitution of the United State of America

No description

Michael Filipowicz

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of The Constitution of the United State of America

The Constitution of the United States of America
7 Principles of the Constitution
Popular Sovereignty

All of these items share a common trait...what is it?
When something is popular it's what the people like and want.
They are all POPULAR in our culture today.
Limited Government
No person or group of people are above the law.
Separation of Powers
We don't just limit the Power we DIVIDE it into three BRANCHES
Powers Given to the Government
Legislative Branch
Legislative Powers
The Power to Make Laws
Executive Branch
Executive Powers
The Power to Enforce the Laws
Judicial Branch
Supreme Court
Judicial Powers
The Power to Interpret the Law
Make Laws
Conduct Foreign Policy
Make War
Collect Taxes
Balance of Power
Checks and Balances

Each branch of government can check, or limit, the power of the other branches.
Sharing Power Between the National and Federal Government.
Individual Rights

People have rights and liberties that are protected such as freedom of the press, freedom pf assembly, and freedom of religion.
Voters hold the sovereign (authority) power
We elect representatives and give them the responsibility to make laws and run government
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