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Week 3, Lecture 1 & 2 - Motivation & Attitude

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Megan Brown

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of Week 3, Lecture 1 & 2 - Motivation & Attitude

Positive Attribution
Attribution Theory
"Why do I succeed or fail?"
Learned Helplessness
Possible result of repeated failure - others can always help me
Teacher Actions that Promote Motivation
Balance challenge and support
Promote the value of educational commitment
Foster high-order thinking skills and deeper understanding
Make connections
Appropriate, honest praise
Assistance in setting goals
Follow through
Grouping Students
Literate Environment
Positive Attributions
Grouping Students to Promote Positive Attitudes
Teacher Actions that Promote Motivation
Take a small square of paper off the front table
Motivation & Attitude

Which is easier to think of?
Literacy - Rich Environment
Print Rich Classroom
Classroom Climate
How do we group students to promote motivated learners?
Knowing the Readers in your Class
1. Understanding
2. Enjoyable experience
3. Means to a larger goal
Steps to Success
Group by:
skill (similar skill or opportunity)
interest (similar or varied)
objectives of the task
feasibility & classroom management
individual needs and strengths
assurance of success
Next Class:
Read Clay Chapter 5
Find a student to work with if you want to do your own running record
Draw a picture or image of what was the most memorable from your Locomotion reading last night
Student Attitudes and Interests
Next Class:
Read GTG Chapter 3
Locomotion (15-25)
How did you demonstrate your interests?
Do you like to read?
Are you reading anything at this time? Suggestions?
What do you choose to read?
What do you do if reading is too hard for you?
What makes a good reader?
Movere = "to set in motion"
Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic
Write for a few minutes in your Bird by Bird journal
Sit with your group
Introduction and questions
Book Promo
Share Projects
Attitude Surveys
Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic
Preview next class
Intro and questions
Book promo
Locomotion groups and activity
Review from last week
Continue to discuss motivation
Preview next week's work
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