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Big cats

No description

thames thames

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Big cats

Big cats
These wild cats are endangered animals.
Thank you!
Golden Tiger

its hard to find the differences in a jaguar and a leopard because there fur print is nearly the same.

jaguars are found in amazonia.

1970s people hunted and traped jaguars for therefur.

jaguars eat monkey,bird and even aligator.

jaguars live up to 12 -15 years.

jaguars do not avoid water in fact they are quite good swimmers.
Golden Tiger
Szia Adél.
Szoval te csinálsz a hó leopádról?
Mert akor én csinálok a golden tigrisről.
snow leopards are beautiful animals.

snow leopards can live up to 18 years.

snow leopards only live in Himalaya sadly there are only 4000 to 6500 snow leopards left in the wild.

In the Himalayas snow leopards are usually found 3000and 5400 meters abbove sea level.

Snow leopards prefer to live in broken terrian of clifs and rocky out crops.

Snow leopards hunting area is 1000km2.

A Snow leopard traveled across 27 miles of open desert in a single night.

oké jo ötlet én már meg csináltam a holeopárdrol nézzdmeg. szia laura találkozunk hétfön.
ja és még a jaguárol csinálok
hogyha a fekete párduc rol
akarsz csinálni igy irják
szia laura szerinten a két kockába irjál majd de micsinályunk a goalba?
Sometimes it is called Strawberry Tiger and Tabby Tiger.
Gold + Tiger = Golden Tiger
Strawberry + Tiger = Strawberry Tiger
Tabby + Tiger = Tabby Tiger
The reason of this different names because the color is really strong.
like this
Black panthers are common leopards or jaguars - but their hair is black. There is a paint in the hair - called melanin - and if there is lots of in the hair, the color of the hair is darker, or black.
And in T.V. the panther turns
to pink.
Let's save the wild life together!
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