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Mrs. Dougherty's Fourth Grade Open House

No description

Kelsey Dougherty

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of Mrs. Dougherty's Fourth Grade Open House

Mrs. Dougherty's Fourth Grade Open House
Welcome to Fourth Grade!
As we are embarking on a new journey with the new Florida Standards, there are many different questions, thoughts and feelings. We are all in the journey together. To help navigate this journey we need to maintain a partnership! Our students need our support to be united!

Thank you for coming here tonight to begin this adventure!
Kelsey Dougherty

Challenges for Fourth Grade
Math Curriculum from Engage New York
Reading and Writing Workshop Model
Science Fusion
New Assessments from the State (Florida Standards Assessments)
In each unit of study our students will be working within a scale of skills that need to be mastered. The goal is to achieve a level three or higher to be on grade level.
A Pep Talk for all of us
Engage NY links: http://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-4-mathematics-module-1
PowerPoint available to be sent home for each Engage NY lesson.
Think Central: www-k6.thinkcentral.com/epc/start.do
Homework help on Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:30-7:55
English Language Arts
Students will bring home study guides and classwork before any assessments.
The focus will be on your child as a reader and a writer and developing successful habits that will stay with them their entire lives.
Science and social studies will be blended into the ELA block.
Fourth Grade Assessments
FSA: Fourth Grade students will take assessments in ELA, including writing and mathematics
Progress Monitoring: FAIR-FS, NWEA, STAR Reading and Math, and Reading Running Records
Classroom Quizzes/Assessments: Cold Read Quizzes, Vocabulary Quizzes, Topic Quizzes, Mid-Unit Assessments, Unit Assessments, etc.
Level 1 on the Scale
This is when students need assistance to be successful understanding the foundational content needed to achieve their learning goal.
Level 2 on the scale
This is the foundational content that each student needs to understand in order to achieve the learning goal. If a student does not have these foundational skills they may not be able to master the level three content.
Level 3 on the scale
This is our learning goal! In order for students to be on grade level, each student needs to master these skills and be able to apply them.
Level 4 on the scale
When a student reaches a level four on the scale they are able to extend their thinking beyond the application in class. In everyday situations they can apply and evaluate this knowledge.
How to contact Mrs. Dougherty:
kdougherty@fau.edu (for parents)
Edmodo (for students)

Conference sign ups are in the back of the room. Feel free
to sign up for the time that is best for you!

Daily Homework
Agenda signature daily
Reading 30 minutes (at least) daily
Completed reading log
Engage New York Math homework
Study vocabulary using the flashcards given out in Friday Folders
Originally from Pennsylvania
Graduated with a BS in Elementary Education with a concentration in Special Education from Elizabethtown College.
Currently enrolled in the FAU Educational Leadership Maters Program
Married my husband in July of 2010.
Worked in Palm Beach County for 3.5 years
This is my 2nd year at A.D. Henderson
Who am I?
Assessments count for 50% of your child's grade.
Projects and Quizzes are 30% of your child's grade.
Projects and reports may be assigned throughout the year.
Quizzes will be given periodically.
Science inquiries/investigations will count as project grades
Classwork is worth 20% of your child's grade.
FOCUS is used to share grades with you on a regular basis
Kindles will be checked out to your child during the month of October.
Kindles will be used as an integral element of the reading program.
Every student needs to bring kindles charged every day to school.
Students need to care for kindles responsibly.
To request a book:
Class Behavior
* Owl Color Chart for inappropriate and
* Students move their clip up or down depending on their behavior for that day.
* Rewards: funny money, positive note home, treasure box, homework passes
* Consequences: Notes home, time out of activities, time out in class, time out in another class, or other options as necessary.
Friday Folders
All graded and not graded work
Class newsletter
Vocabulary flash cards
Other school information
Please review these papers and return the folder to school on Monday.
The best way to reach me is by email – kdougherty@fau.edu
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