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Project: Me - Julian Lopez

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Julian Lopez

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Project: Me - Julian Lopez

Project: Me
Work In Progress
The twerp you see before you is me – age 8
This is me today – apparently still making the same face
A lot has happened between then and now
In combination, my experiences have been building blocks that have shaped me into the person I am today
Many events have been very special while others at first glance were seemingly inconsequential
Three God Children
Two Graduations
And One Epic Wedding
I happened to meet my wife at a random kickball game – one that I nearly didn't attend
Someone who aims to always be in motion, seeking new growth opportunities at every turn
Someone who continuously challenges himself, both mentally and physically
And finally, someone who aspires above all else to be a better me today for tomorrow
My family has also been critical in molding me into the dance-loving, hardworking go-getter that I've become
As have my wacky friends
Someone who loves to get on stage from time to time and bust a move
It is for them, but also for my global community that I keep in mind my aspirations – to develop meaningful and lasting environmental policy via infrastructure development
Julian Lopez
Undoubtedly this is a tall order and I recognize that I have some way to go until I’m in the driver’s seat
But I'd like to think that life is one big project and mine is still a...
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