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Copy of Fned 346

No description

Nicole Lemme

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Fned 346

"Free at Last, Free at Last!" Alyssa Nicole Collier: “One must teach in two languages, affirm the cultural values of both home and school, teach standardized forms of the two languages but respect and affirm the multiple varieties and dialects, represented among students in class, be a creative and flexible teacher, serve as a catalyst for discovery as students learn operate effectively in their multiple worlds, be able to mediate and resolve intercultural conflicts, keep students on task and on and on.” Richard Rodriguez


Virginia Collier “There are two ways a person is individualized. So they do not realize that while one suffers a diminished sense of private individuality by becoming assimilated into public society, such assimilation makes possible the achievement of public identity.” Service Learning "Collier would not approve of how my
teacher is handling this situation" "What's this word?!" Our schools: Alyssa, Greg, Megan, Nicole & Rich Asa Messer Elementary Kennedy Elementary Lillian Finestien
Elementary Alyssa: First Grade, Literacy Nicole: First Grade, Literacy Greg: Third Grade, Esl Foundation's
of Education Rich: Kindergarten, Literacy Megan ESL, Math & Literacy Rodriguez: GREG RICH Delpit Megan: "I talk to them slowly and deliberately with hand gestures to try to help them understand. " Counter! "They could not get the right
words out in english." Counter! The End Lebewohl! Arrivederci! Adios! Au revoir! Farvel! GoodBye! "The class is great at speaking in English but most students would prefer to speak Spanish."
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