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Just somethin' I did for ELA. . . . . Enjoy, people!

Titanium SilversDaughter

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of FanFiction.net

FanFiction.net A Prezi Made By Alexandria Dykes The homepage is organized into three categories: (top to bottom) fanfictions, crossovers and then notices.
In the fanfiction and crossover areas, they are broken into smaller categories of Anime/Manga, Books, Cartoons, Comics, Games, Miscellaneous, Movies, Plays/Musicals, and TV Shows.
In notices, it tells of how Fanfiction.net might shut down for upgrades, or news on FictionPress, FanFiction.net's sister site. The final rating is MA. These stories are only for adults, mainly because they go into details of said "suggestive themes". There are over 6,085,534 stories on FanFiction.net. Each tells a tale of wonder, even crossing over into parallel universes. Also, the site is organized superbly. All these factors add up to one fact: FanFiction.net is the best world-wide site for reading and writing stories of epic proportions. Summaries on FanFiction.net tell short synopses of the story itself; and you can judge the writing of the story by the summary. Bad summary = bad story. Summaries consist of 300 characters and sometimes tell a little about the author. They also tell the rating, character, language, number of chapters, and many other things. A summary for one of my favorite stories - Remus' Literal Little Furry Problem - says in it's summary:

"We all know that the Marauders called Remus werewolf issue his 'little furry problem' and
that Hogwarts thought he had a badly behaved rabbit, but what if Remus actually had just
that? What would it be like if James and Sirius decided to give Remus a rabbit one year?"

This summary prompts the reader into wondering 'well, what would happen?' and so they read the story. This shows how good the summary is- it draws the reader in. The first summary I told is the summary of a one-shot, a story that goes on only for one chapter. Some are drabbles; stories that are under 100 words. Others are longer, as in as long as a chapter in a normal book. Chapter lengths vary; they can be long (like the ones in the fanfic Wand and Shield) or short, like one-shots. One-shots are often used in Song!fics- fanfictions using song lyrics. For example, if Edward Cullen was listening to Daylight by Maroon Five while he and Bella were on Isle Esme - and it showed his thoughts. Like how the song lyrics sang of how a man had to leave when the Daylight came, it would show how Edward would agree with the lyrics, and his state of mind.
Also, there are song-fanfictions on Youtube. Like The Peverell Story by The Butterbeer Experience. It tells the Peverell story in song form. These song-fanfictions can come in the form of songs like The Black Family Anthem by The Parselmouths. It tells of Bellatrix's, Narcissa's and Andromeda's feeling of sharing the blood of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. You may be wondering how the writers avoid lawsuits by incorporating song lyrics into their stories. The answer is fairly simple- disclaimers. The disclaimers say that the authors don't own the characters or lyrics, they are just borrowing the true author's ideas. One disclaimer I remember is 'I don't own the characters, I'm just playing in the sandbox of Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling". One reason disclaimers became important is because of the extremely popular Reading The Books stories. These stories usually consist of the text of the story in bold, while the characters' commentary is in the usual setting. An excerpt from The Founders Read Philosopher's Stone is:

The Boy Who Lived
Mr. and Mrs. Dursley –
"I know no such name!" said Godric exasperatedly.
"Godric, can you please not disrupt? I haven't even read the first sentence!" Rowena scolded him.

This excerpt shows that disclaimers are necessary, or else this author would be sued for plagiarism. Reading The Books extends beyond Harry Potter, though. It goes into Twilight, Maximum Ride, Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Inheritance Cycle, Lord of the Rings, and much more. I mentioned earlier "Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling". This may have confused you, but remember what I said in the beginning- crossovers. Crossover tackle the issue of "What would happen if the Harry Potter characters met the characters of the Avengers?" The answer is simple- it would be something akin to Wand and Shield. Or, SecondBorn, which is an Avatar: the Last Airbender meets Avengers fic. Truthfully, the possibilities are endless. Now, Fanfiction.net isn't the only site for fanfiction, but it the best. Others are limited. Like Fimfiction.net- it's centered around My Little Pony. Others aren't organized, like one called FictionAlley.com. It's centered around Harry Potter, but it's very hard to navigate. You must be wondering, what about the authors? Do they have anything to say about themselves? Well, the answer is to click on the author's name, and you are automatically taken to their profile page. This page lets the author tell about themselves, share funny quotes, talk about their stories, and share their opinions on important things. The stats of Fanfiction.net are pretty good. It has over six million stories, and two million authors. Most stories are updated- hardly any are abandoned. The site itself is rarely ever down, and it has many popular fics. Like Harry Potter- combining crossovers and normal, there are over six hundred thousand stories. The creation of Fanfiction.net was founded in 1998 by an L.A. software designer, Xing Li, who also runs the site. Counting from 2010, Fanfiction.net is the largest and most commonly used fanfiction site in the world. The site was created for stories that revolved around characters from popular things like literature, television, and comics. Unlike some sites, FanFiction.net allows stories about all characters. The age limit has been moved to 13 instead of 18. 80% of the writers on Fanfiction.net are female. So, in conclusion, Fanfiction.net is the best worldwide site to read and write stories. It is organized properly, and is easy to navigate. It has great stats, people like it, and it hardly ever shuts down. QUIZ TIME Good Summary VS Bad Summary

Summary 1: ok, 1st time on ff. the storie is on hp, and twilite, love twi! hp norm char. Sum sucks, but good storie! r&R? :D!!!!

Summary 2: Remus Lupin has always wondered what would happen when James, Sirius and Peter found out he was a werewolf. Little did he expect them to become Animagi. (marauders era- tells the tale of when they confront him) Summary 2 is the correct way to write a summary on FF.N. Summary 1 is not a good summary because of bad grammar. Rating K is for. . . . Kids Five and up. K+ is for nine and up. M is for. . . Extremely violent and Dark fanfictions. Not to be confused with MA. Song!fics are usually. . . One-shots. How many stories are on fanfiction? Over six million. Can crossovers span all universes? Yes, they can. You can combine Avengers, Teen Titans and Harry Potter all at once: it is called an Ultimate!Crossover Good Job! This Prezi was made by Alexandria Dykes. I do not own anything mentioned or shown- I am just rearranging the statements into Prezi form. Have a nice day, people. The ratings on FanFiction.net stand as thus: K, which is alright for most young kids. It is intended for people five years or older. It's content usually is free of any adult language, has no violence, and has no adult themes. Next is K+, which is really only for kids nine and up. It has some action and violence, but no serious injury or harm. May have minor cursing, and no adult themes. The next rating is T, which is only for teens and older. Most rate their stories as T. It has some suggestive themes, and some bad language, and some violence. They also have the rating of M. This is for extremely Dark fics, containing of violence, cursing and suggestive themes. Not for people under 16. This is an actual summary from FF.N:

Gambling On Her Heart » by AuthoressMegz reviews
The Marauders bet on everything from the outcomes of Quidditch games to the weather. But what happens when they find out that not all gambling is fun and games? What happens when they start gambling with not just gold and silver, but with love and life itself? Takes the Mauraders and co. from beginning of seventh year through the war. Full summary inside.
Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 15 - Words: 34,489 - Reviews: 59 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 54 - Updated: 5-13-13 - Published: 2-5-13 - James P. Lily Evans P.
Full transcript