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Advantages and disadvantages of network sytems

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on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Advantages and disadvantages of network sytems

By Tommy

And Ryan

Advantages of network systems
You can share hardware for example you only need one printer

Software can be installed in one place, you dont need to install it on each computer

Improved security, work can be saved on the network, the network manager will make sure that the work is backed up

Speed, it is very quick to copy and transfer files
Disadvantages of network systems
A network manager will need to be employed

Security problems, a virus could get on to the system and cause problems

Breakdown problems, if a network breaks down users will not have access to the important information stored

Expensive, a server, cables and other comunication devices will be needed, this can be very expensive
Nowadays practically all computers are part of a network. If you connect you home computer to the internet then it becomes part of a network.
Image of a network
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