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COM 310 Presentation

No description

Taylor Maguire

on 16 April 2016

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Transcript of COM 310 Presentation

Text. COM 310 Group Presentations on relationships & communication. Texting Online Dating Facebook & Social Media Texting Emotion Frequency Language Duration A recent university study showed student language tested through texting... 1,146 words 8 were acronyms Punctuation Effect Sexting. Most common for those with Secure Attachment Style TEXTING SEXTING Most common for those who are Insecure (attachment avoidance) More likely to: Request/Send Sexts 72% teens send 3,000 TPM 20% teens (13-19) 31% young adults (20-26) SEXTING "LOL" and emoticons used when people
are at a loss for words. Oh that's cool, lol. LOL LMAO ROFL HMU 2nd most common way couples meet friends parties (college) gym Plenty of Fish Misrepresentation Trust 10 minutes after creation... 1 in 5 Americans use online dating sites Stigma "too nerdy" "don't know how to meet people" "shy" Not just lovers friendships. Misleading characteristics No real science to dating. pedophiles liars stalkers Social Media Changed How We Communicate distance communication lovers friends family WEAKNESS too much focus on growing virtual relationships what about the physical ones? jealousy obsessions Privacy 800 million active users 77% log in more than once a day 55 min./day WHY? "Saving Face" choose what info.
you put up THANK YOU. we welcome your questions! "Did you see that silly man, ha-ha?" BUT rarely... "Did you see ha-ha that silly man?" 2 Most Important: 1. Frequency 2. Duration Grinter & Eldridge Study 5 5 Sent: 236 messages Received: 241 Avg. 3 sent/received
per day Facebook is... Relational Communication Friends Family Businesses Events Just facebook me! connecting the world. Facebook created its own culture! a study at Cornell University
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