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EDO Business Plan

Final project

Assel Gubaidullina

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of EDO Business Plan

Giá trị của giày

Thank for listening!
Thank u!
Thank u!
Thank u!
Digital Marketing

Human Resources
Prof. Ken Douglas
What if
No workers for the first 2 years
4 partners - 1500€ per month starting from the second half of 2016
Initial investment of 120 000 €:
80 000 € from 4 partners;
40 000 € investment from WAYRA accelerators.
Google play $25 registration fee
No cost applied from Google play or Apple Store (free download)
No marketing activities until July
Sales expected to start month in October 2016
at least 50 restaurants prior to launch the app
Each month expecting growth of acquired restaurants by 0.5%;
Android mobile app first
iPhone - after first year of sales (2017)
What if
The development is outsourced, 50 000 € - 50% on January 2016 and another 50% when MVP is available
EDO's Features
Maintenance is outsourced:
first 6 months after development - 200 € per month
10 €/month per 10GB extra
7€/month for each 1000 active user
Development of new features and iPhone version: 400 € per day (10 days per month)
Technical support for 8 € per hour
Easy to use
Ordering and payment
Competitive pricing
Clouds based allows to use any Android devices
Service to audit restaurants
Respond to new trends
Implement new technology

Restaurants base
Clients base
Security concerns
Menu updates
Large amount of tourist and local expats community
Partnership with Facebook
New markets like Russia and Asia

Strong competition
Economy situation in Spain
Restaurants resistance to implement new systems

Two segments in EDO Market

EDO Company Market
Forecast of number of reservations
- Adwords and SEO 8000 clicks per month, 1 click 0.25€

- With the conversion rate of 4% - 100 downloads of our app every month
Word of Mouth effect
Facebook ads and cooperation
Entertaining and funny video in YouTube

Our target market size is around 2 million people living and visiting Barcelona
Sales based on restaurants acquisition
Worst case : no cooperation with Facebook with the conversion rate of
Medium case :a cooperation with Facebook with conversion rate of
Best case : a cooperation with Facebook with conversion rate of
We are 4 partners who are establishing partnership investing 20 000 € each
A happy dining easily and quick for everyone with our EDO app
“like at home”
Helping tourist to experience local food
Transforming small and/or unknown local restaurants to popular and favorite places
Our goals:
- the best and essential mobile app for dinning out
- making Barcelona restaurants world famous for gastronomic destination

The objectives:
- 8.5% of acquired restaurants for the first year
- 150 000 reservations
250 000 €
of sales by end of 2017
500 000 €
of revenue by 2018

Expansion in other countries like Russia
and Asia by 2020.
200 000 potential users!
Projected Profit and Loss
is a
technology startup
which has a passion for mobile application’s innovations.

General Company Description
We want to create a mobile application which lets tourists and local to
easily reserve
in local restaurants of Barcelona
In this presentation, we are going to describe
-> our target market
-> our position in the market
-> our business model
-> our marketing strategy
-> our financial forecast
Total population in Barcelona : 1,630,000.00
~ 7.4 million tourists
55% of population in Spain uses smartphone
900 thousand smartphone users in Barcelona
35% of smartphone users worldwide
2.6 million tourists with smartphones
The sales forecast are based on the medium case scenario with adoption rate of 4%
Our sales target of
368,624 €
Number of acquired restaurants will grow by 0.5% averagely
Projected Cash Flow
Audience approaching strategy
Receive cash the same month the sales were invoiced
Mass Marketing
Direct Marketing
The Yelp company’s services monthly priced is € 99.00
Projected Breakeven
Price per reservation in 1€
Average cost per unit is around 0.34€
The fixed cost is equals to 156 330€
per month
Initial funding 120 000€
Cash flow: 1st year 15 310€
2nd year 234 834€
Our total size of the users is
3.5 million people
Android - 76.6% of market share
2 million
potential android users
Our target market size
5757 full-servicing restaurants in Barcelona

40 000 €
investment from WAYRA accelerators
Google adWords
Youtube spot

Bus stations - Mupis

Very large audience more than 7 million tourists each year
High impact for locals and very competitive price compared to others (metro airport).
Propose 5% from our sales, but after two years of operation
Offline Marketing
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