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Death and Future Life

No description

Jordan General

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Death and Future Life

The Resurrection
Death and Future Life
Heaven and Hell
The Resurrection of Jesus
Based off of Luke 24 what we learn from the resurrection is that Jesus though all of the women who went to Jesus' tomb proclaimed that Jesus was no longer in his tomb, none of the disciples except for Peter believed them. However Jesus soon revealed himself to the disciples, proving he was real by eating with them and letting them touch him. After, Jesus went out to the vicinity of Bethany, blessed his disciples and was taken up into heaven.
The topic of Heaven and Hell and life thereafter is a heavily debated topic and is very complicated; there are many different views. To help clarify these views my points and opinions will exclusively be given from the point of view of the Bible.
In Luke 20:27-40 Jesus explains that when believers enter Heaven they will no longer have any obligations to other people such as marriage and other relationships. They become equal to the angels in Heaven which means that they cannot die, showing that God is a god of the living and not a god of the dead.
Luke 16:19-31 show that Heaven and Hell are two very different places and that no matter how good or bad of a life you lived you will still be judged fairly. There will be no socializing between people in Hell and people in Heaven. Heaven is a place of rest and comfort while Hell, the exact opposite, is a place of fire and pain.
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