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Scotland's Adaptation Story - Part II (Anna Beswick)

No description

Adaptation Scotland

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Scotland's Adaptation Story - Part II (Anna Beswick)

Partnership in Practice
it takes time
out of our comfort zone
work in unfamiliar areas
address complicated issues
requires relationships and trust
Anything worth doing will take time and cost something
Development and Investment Decisions
Getting Our Own Houses In Order
Supporting Communities to Adapt
2014 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village
Part of the wider Clyde Gateway Regeneration Area
Greenspace and Green Networks throughout the Village
Sustainable Urban Drainage - combining wetland vegetation and permanent standing water
Permeable surfaces
This will be a climate ready place that delivers economic regeneration priorities and supports health and well-being
Oxfam Scotland & Lochboisdale Amenity Trust

Friends of Hazelhead Park, Greenspace Scotland
and Aberdeen City Council
The Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group, Perth
and Kinross Council and Sniffer
Scotland's Adaptation Story - Part II
Anna Beswick
bring together people from different teams and service areas
understand and identify possible climate impacts and assess risk
identify actions in both short- and long-term
Climate Risk
Business Case Studies
and Template
Community-led Adaptation
Making Adaptation Relevant
Programme Manager - Adaptation Scotland
Partnership working produces results.
Can you work with others?
Who shares similar challenges?
Who could help you?
Who could you help?
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