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Six Degrees Of Separation

No description

J Truong

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of Six Degrees Of Separation

Six Degrees Of Separation Interconnected Interconnected means that everybody are joined some way. Country I am Connected To I am connected to Hong Kong because they both start on the same day in new year. Connected through weather I like rainy days because it waters flowers and trees Kelly also likes rainy days. Interconnected with someone in another class Interconnected to someone in the early
groups that came to Canada I am interconnected with my friend June because she speaks cantonese too. interconnected with someone in my book I am connected with Zayd because when she first came to her new school she felt like she didn't have any friends in her school thats how I feel when I first came to this school I felt like I had no friends here in my school. Diversity Diversity means that everybody is different by there talents and ways they do things. Country I Am Different From In Canada they celebrate New Year on January 1 in china chinese new year start on February 1 or 2 . Different tradition from another person I celebrate Chinese new year Natalie celebrate Easter. Responsibility Responsiblity means that if you have a job to do you have to keep your promises. My Responsibility is.... My responsibility towards the world is to clean up trash and don't
ride cars to much and start riding my bicycle I think everyone should do it beacuse if we use more cars and gas there will be more pollution.My responsility is to teach kids to recyle and reuse stuff because if
you recyle stuff there would'nt be so much trash in the landfill taking up spaces we should reuse because then there would'nt be lot's of trash. I think I am interconnected with the early Europeans gruop because I speak english too. Thanks for listening to my presntstion Any question
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