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8th Grade Timeline

Prezi made for Mr. Fiedler's 8th grade social class.

Jenna Field

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of 8th Grade Timeline

Family Timeline 1917
Family Event:My great grandma, Marian
Zaviska, was born.

World Event:The US entered World War I on the Allies side. 1938:
Family Event: My grandpa, Skip
Vickerman, and My other grandpa,
Clarence Field, were born.

World Event: Germany Got 1/3 of
Czechoslovokia from the Munich Pact. 1944:
Family Event: My grandma, Diane Moser,
was born.

World Event: D-day. (the Allies invade
Normandy during World War II) 1945:
My grandma, Diane Zaviska, was

World Event: The United Nations
was established. 1963:
My grandpa Clarence Field and
grandma Diane Moser, were married.

World Event: President Kennedy was
assassinated. 1965:
Family Event: My father, Clarence
Field Jr. was born in Detroit Lakes,
Family Event:My grandma, Diane Zaviska,
and grandpa, Skip Vickerman, were

World Event:Blacks riot for six days in Watts section of Los Angeles: 34 dead, over 1,000 injured, nearly 4,000 arrested 1967:
Family Event: My mother Julie Vickerman
was born.

World Event: The Boxer Muhammad Ali was stripped of his boxing world championship for refusing to be inducted into the US Army. 1968:
Family Event: My grandparents, Diane and Skip Vickerman were divorced.

World Event: Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. 1972:
Family Event: My grandma, Diane Vickerman was remaried to Bob Bristlin.

World Event: Buglars were arrested for breaking in at Watergate. 1980:
Family Events: My grandma and step grandpa, Diane and Bob Bristline were divorced.

World Event: Post-it notes are invented. 1982:
My mother, Julie Bristlin, and father, Cy Field, started dating.

World Event: The Artificial heart was created. 1983:
Famliy Event: My father, Cy Field, graduated from Detroit Lakes High School.

World Event: The PC was made. 1985:
Family Event: My mother,Julie, graduated
from Detroit Lakes High School.

World Event: Ronald Regan won 2nd term in
office as president. 1992:
Fmaily Event: My mother Julie, and my father
Cy, were married at Zion Luthern Church in
Detroit Lakes.

World Event: Mall of America was opened for the
first time. 1993:
Family Event: My brother, Nathan Field,
was born in Detroit Lakes.

World EventS: Bill Clinton became president. 1996:
Family Event: I, Jenna Field, was born in Detroit Lakes.

World Event: The summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia. 1999:
Family Event:Nate started his first year of school at Roosevelt Elementary.

World Event: John F. Kennedy Jr. died.
Family Event: I started my first year at Roosevelt Elementary.

World Event: 2 Planes crashed into the Twin towers. aka.9/11. 2002:
Famiy Event: My mom and dad got divorced.

World Event: Pennsylvania miners wre trapped for 77 hours. 2004:
Family Event:My mom remarried to my step-dad, Travis Wilke.
My dad remarried to my step mom, Julie Blanchard.
My Half brother, Tye Wilke, was born.

World Event: Bush was re-elected as president.

Family Event: My great grandma, Marian Zaviskisa, passes away.

World Event: The first black President was elected.
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