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space's worse enemy

black holes

Kianna Spencer

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of space's worse enemy

black holes what black holes are made out of here's a video and a picture of a normal old star turning into a black hole why black holes are called black holes black holes are just made out of stars black holes are made out of large stars that die from old age. When the star runs out of fuel for nuclear burning in its core it is no longer to support its self and just wears out and eventually dies leaving a black hole in its place. Just to let you know when a black hole collapse, the outer layer rebounds to create a supernovae explosion. The left overs in the core is a black hole or a neutron star depending on how big the mass of the star is. black holes and when black holes are formed it doesn't mean it wont suck up stars because it is made out of stars black holes have their own mind and they aren't humans or animals they are sort of like a cold like one day it here then the next day its gone space's worse enemy black holes intro what black holes do _ Black holes are called black holes due to their huge intense density. But since black holes have a huge gravity pull not a beam of light can escape a black hole through the extreme mass, it is not a light source, and it will not reflect any light, so it appears as a "black hole" in the universe As a black hole has massive gravity, light from objects behind it will "bend" around the black hole and an observer will see what is called gravitational lensing. what would happen is you got sucked into a black hole and were would you end up? black hole warning sign If you got sucked into a black hole,this is what would happen ,you’d be ripped apart by tidal forces caused by its super-strong gravity. Basically, if you jumped in feet-first, your feet and legs would be sucked in faster than your head and upper body (or vice versa if you dived in head-first). So your body would be stretched out lengthways until you snapped like a rubber band so if you don’t get it its saying nobody can escape this black hole but if you want to end your life go into a black hole."where would you end up if you fell in a black hole" If the black hole is large enough you could end up in a different universe , and if it was rotating, it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn't come back to our universe. Black Hole Meltdown in the Galactic Center hello my name is Kianna Spencer and this is my prezi.
if your wondering what the space background for, well my class had to think of different deep question, with some help from Braden Majic he helped me with my deep question "what would happen if you got sucked into a black hole and where will you end up. personally I have no clue what I will come up with but it will be a great experience ,if your not that sucked into this prezi yet I bet you when I'm done ,you will be .black holes are a new creation in space that comes and goes even though black holes sound horrible I bet that they aren't that bad for us but for stars it is, during this prezi you will learn ,what black holes are made out of , what black holes do, why black holes are called black holes, information on my deep question and cool fun facts
hope you like!

' hope you like warning fun facts about black holes did you know that the mass of the star doesn't make them strong its their size! black holes may seem very dark inside and bad but actually some of them are not dark they could be light black holes can start very little but as time keeps moving on they can get bigger and bigger till its over black holes aren't funnel shaped black holes last by the mass of the black holes but is its not that big it could evaporate and release radiation The gravity around the "hole" of a black hole is so strong that NOTHING can make its way back out the black hole the more massive a black hole is, the more room it takes up The nearest black hole is 1,600 light years away. That is about 16 quadrillion kilometers for Earth. Black hole does one specific thing and that is pulling matter and energy into themselves. but no more than others stars or cosmic objects of similar mass, that means that a black hole with the mass our own sun would not ”suck” objects into it any more than our own sun does with its own gravitational pull
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